The Athletics' View on the upcoming NHL Draft - Your opinion

I subscribe to the Athletic (which, by the way, I thoroughly enjoy). It's the one "luxury" that I give myself besides subscribing to ESPN+ to watch hockey (which, by the way, has ruined the NHL watching experience IMO)..

In reading Corey Pronman's analysis of the upcoming draft though, I was really floored by his statement (seen below). I've always heard/read that the 2022 NHL draft was loaded with talent. Pronman is of the opposite mindset.

"Early indicators are that 2022 looks like a below-average draft class. This is the opinion shared among most NHL personnel as well. A lot of the top prospects have come out of the gates with slow starts. Shane Wright is still the odds-on favorite to be the first pick, although based on polls around the league I wouldn’t call it a foregone conclusion that he goes No. 1 in July. While neither are No. 2 on my personal list, USNTDP center Logan Cooley and TPS winger Juraj Slafkovsky are the players most often mentioned as challengers to Wright by league personnel."

I just though "well, this sucks". We're grabbing as many draft picks as possible for a draft that is shallow? Everything I've read from the DBTB savants all say that the draft is deep and meaningful, unless my comprehensive skills are worse than I fear.

I just thought I'd post this and get your reaction to this take. If you need, I can post his other comments but don't want to steal the entire article (which isn't a good idea).

What are your thoughts to this and do you have a retort to Pronman's view? I'd love to hear what DBTB thinkers think.

Thanks gang!

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