What's here, What's coming and the obvious shopping list for 2022

Looking forward to next year, the upcoming deadline and free Agency.

With the inevitable departures of Forwards Vinnie, Eakin, and likely Caguila, Jankowski and Hayden (though I can see the latter 3 around for depth) and bigger roles for Krebs and Quinn and eventually Peterka.

With what's here you can put the lines in a blender but could look like.

Skinner - Mitts - Tuch

Aslpund - Tage - Oloffson

Bjork - Cozens - Quinn

Girgs - Krebs - Okposo

Keeps the likes of Murray, R2, and possible retention of Caguila, Hayden and/or Jankowski for depth with Peterka being the first BIG call up.

I'm seeing what we have in house and not reaching out for any forward help at this time.

On the Blueline Butcher, Hagg, Pysyk and Miller all potentially out. That leaves us with

Dahlin - Joki

Power - ??????

Samuelsson/Bryson - Laaksonen?

The Blueline is Talented but young. Need a reliable contributing Vet here.

Goaltending is interesting with UPL showing potential in the immediate and Portillo and Levi on the way.

Again talented but young. Need a reliable Contributing Vet here. Not against bringing Pysyk back either.

So, the immediate need to me if you want to continue developing but start improving our chances to win would be to add a LEGIT top 4 Right Shot Defenseman and a goalie.

RD is the place I would spend money. With no BIG RD options in the pipeline and the need for a Vet in the Top 4 I would look at signing John Klingberg 29 Good size, Right Shot with a very good resume he Fits with our Game and would look good with Dahlin. That would free Joki to play with Power. Nice top 4 to throw minutes at.

The Other Need would be a competent Goaltender to be the 1A/1B with UPL. 2 Year Deal like a Darcy Kuemper, Fleury or even Holtby. Someone who can play 40 games and carry a load when needed. Buying time for UPL/Portillo and Levi to shake out.

I don't want to shake up the direction we going but at the same time Buying time for the young talent to gain experience and all the BIG pieces to arrive and settle in (Krebs, Power, Peterka, Quinn, UPL) I think these additions would improve our chance of winning without changing much.

I like the collection of talent we have, I'm curious what their potential is. With a bunch of picks in the top 2 rounds of 2022 its going to get another infusion but part of growth is winning and to do that we need to add a little smart money to the mix.



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