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Buffalo Sabres to Host Prospects Challenge Sept. 17-19

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Prospects from the Sabres, Devils & Bruins will face off.

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2019 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

As expected, the Buffalo Sabres will host their annual Prospects Challenge later this month at LECOM Harborcenter. Sabres prospects will face off against those from the Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils in a round-robin tournament September 17-19.

The Pittsburgh Penguins had traditionally been the fourth team in the tournament, but they pulled out this year, so it’ll just the be three teams in a condensed format.

Rosters will be announced at a later date, but expect many of the team’s top prospects to be in attendance, including likely several of their 2021 NHL Draft picks.

Here’s the game schedule.

Friday, Sept. 17 - BUF vs. NJD

Saturday, Sept. 18 - BUF vs. BOS

Sunday, Sept. 19 - NJD vs. BOS

Tickets are now available at $10 each. Click on each of the links above for tickets.

No streaming information has been announced.

Current health & safety regulations at LECOM Harborcenter require all unvaccinated spectators to wear masks.