Die By the Blade 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey League

Hey all! The Die By The Blade fantasy hockey league is back for our 12th season!

I have made a more detailed post regarding the league rules and settings for the 2021-22 season on the yahoo league message board, but I figured I'd post here as well for visibility. Yahoo has automatically renewed the 14 managers from last year. If you participated last year, please confirm that you are still interested in participating this year.

If you are interested in participating, but did not participate last year, feel free to let me know below and I'll add you to the waiting list in case anyone drops out. I'm pretty sure we'll have at least 1-2 spots open up this year. This is a casual league so there is no cost to join. Players of any experience level are welcome to join, however if you are interested, we ask that you commit long term as this is a keeper league.

Tentative draft date Friday, October 8th at 8PM EDT
Keepers due by Wednesday, October 6th

Hope to see you at the draft!

Champion List

2021 - Mayday (kitaman27)

2019-20 - Timelords (drwho62)

2018-19 - Entropy Rules (entropyrules)

2017-18 - Invader Zem (Ogre39666)

2016-17 - Invader Zem (Ogre39666)

2015-16 - Mayday (kitaman27)

2014-15 - Dont Kaleta Comeback (VFN FTW)

2013-14 - ReturnoftheKitkats (katemc)

2012-13 - Thergood (Raf)

2011-12 - All American (Jon)

2010-11 - Kita's Krew (kitaman27)

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