A series of unrelated questions...

Laptop at work is down, so I thought I'd have some fun waiting for IT to figure out what is going on. :)

Happy Wednesday all. The Prospects Challenge is a few days away and there is nothing new to report about anything Sabres-related so I thought maybe we can have some fun with some Sabres Questions, if you care to participate :)

1) Posted this on another fan post but thought.. "Hey, let's get some ideas and get things going.

"Hey that Jack Eichel trade ________________ " (Fill in the blank)

2) Prospects Challenge:

Would you watch, if you could?

Who are you most interested in watching in the Prospects Challenge? Why?

3) In all honesty, what is the best you can hope for in this upcoming season for the Sabres?

4) How should the Sabres honor RJ this season?

Thanks! Just thought I'd put something light out there for us to talk about.

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