My Conspiracy Theory

So, here goes!!

As we all know, last year Bergevin Offer Sheets Aho and pisses Carolina (Waddel) off....

So Habs are inquiring about Eichel, don't want to give up Suzuki so focus on it KK as one of the Center an Eichel deal.

Eichel changes Agent to Brisson who has a knack for working out trades between parties and is a close personal friend of Bergie's

Shorly after Eichel's agent change Carolina offer sheets KK....

, I think Carolina Offer sheeted KK more to scuttle a potential Eichel deal to Montreal and get a bit of payback for Aho. Since the offer sheet process forces the team to keep the player for a year, now under no circumstances can KK be offered up in a deal for Eichel. Now perhaps Habs cant offer the package KA wants in Buffalo

AM I tin foil hatting this or could there be some method to my madness?!?


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