A Proposed Sabres' Trade ... (that does not include Jack Eichel)

Hello DBTB'rs,

I'm a long time reader on this respected site, but first time participator. Like many Sabre fans, I get frustrated when I read articles (local & national) that describe the current state of the Sabres as a REBUILD with a 2 to 3 year timetable before we get a whiff of success. I would like to be in the camp of those who think of it as a RETOOLING with the start of this process beginning last season with Don Granato taking over the coaching responsibilities and the young players responding to his methods.

This brings us to the present, GMKA has made moves this off-season to set this team in a new direction, with hopefully successful results. A lot of people are waiting for the Jack Eichel trade and eventual Buffalo return in that deal to determine the Sabres' future success. While that is true, I would like for GMKA hold on that for the moment and move in a different direction and make an aggressive move to acquire Christian Dvorak from the Arizona Coyotes. He's a 25 year old centerman with 5 years in the NHL. According the 8/15/21 article in The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated ... "Dvorak is a banging center who can get points" ( 4 out 5 years with 30 or more points) A two way center that plays on the PP & PK ... and he's signed through the 2024/25 season with a cap hit of 4.45 million. that is certainly reasonable for the Sabres' budget. He would add veteran leadership to a youthful core, starting off leading the first line and as our youth matures, he could easily slide down on the depth chart and still be a solid contributor.

The supposed asking price for Dvorak is two prospects or a First Round Pick and a prospect. I would like to see GMKA offer our 2022 First Rounder from Florida and prospect Ryan Johnson to pick up Dvorak. You have to trade value to get value. His addition to this Sabres' team would fill a void in so many ways and go a long way in making this team competitive this season. I have no knowledge of player's metrics, I can only go by what stats I read, I'll leave that for others. In my opinion, Christian Dvorak would be solid acquisition for the Sabres' now and for the future. It also would show to the other NHL GM's that Adams is serious about waiting for the right time and for the right return on another Buffalo center.

Fellow DBTB'rs, does this proposed trade make any sense? Your thoughts are appreciated.

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