Sign and trade for KK97? Would you do it?

Another NHL drama has come along in recent days; the KK97 conundrum in Minnesota. The rumor making its rounds on the NHL news circuit is "The Thrill" has a big time contract lined up in the KHL. The reported amount is 10M or more, which puts Bill Guerin in a challenging negotiation. Could Kevyn Adams make this work to our advantage?

Kaprizov is the real deal and a pure scorer. His NHL sample size is small, but his performance in the KHL shouldn’t be overlooked. At 24, this kid fits perfectly with our Buffalo youth movement. KK97 on Cozens wing is pretty exciting to think about.

Sign and trade:

Kaprizov 9.5M/3 (Kucherov comp), Kappo Kahkonen


Jack Eichel, Aaron Dell

This deal sends Eich west and gives the Wild their 1C. We get a top-tier, goal scorer and a 1a/1b goalie to pair with UPL.

Would you do it?

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