Players Not Given a QO - Intriguing for Buffalo?

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

As tomorrow begins the day to sign FAs and our beloved? Sabres seem to be needing a few pieces, I thought I'd share a few players who did not receive Qualifying Offers that I consider targets that KA should at least talk to. I'm not sure outside of a goalie or two that the Sabres will sign anyone else for a few reasons

1) If I'm a FA, I'm not sure I'd sign with Buffalo outside of the fact that I'm in the twilight of my career and want to make some decent money before I retire or

2) I'm not sure that the Sabres will sign anyone because KA seems to be heading into a developmental phase for this entire season (which is really bothersome).

Anyway... here is the list of centers and wingers that are FAs and I thought I'd get some conversation going concerning which one person YOU would extend an offer to if you were in charge of this team, and why would you sign this guy?

Name Old Team Position Age

1) Ondre Kase Bruins Right Wing 25

2) Nick Ritchie Bruins Left Wing 26

3) Evgeny Svechnikov Red Wings Right Wing 24

4) Pius Suter Blackhawks Center 25

5) Ryan Donato Sharks Center 25

6) Danton Heinen Ducks Center 26

I realize that some of this is predicated on what we can sign any of these guys for and term would be an issue as well. I don't see any actually wanted to come here, but let's pretend we can at least approach all of them with a whiff of credibility.

Who would you sign, why, and for how much?

thanks. I fully realize that others can supply much more information and credibility than I on this platform, but I'd love to hear your answers.

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