Tage Thompson & Fighting -- He Comes By It Honestly (videos)

Tage stuck up for his teammate Jacob Bryson last night, and engaged a member of the Flightless Birds. According to, it was Thompson's third career go-around.

Hockey scraps are in Tage's blood. His dad Brent spent a long AHL/NHL career standing up for teammates, and taking a pounding (most times) in the process.

Brent Thompson, at 6-foot-2, 200 lbs., took on the best of his era -- Gino Odjick, Jeff Odgers, Tim Hunter, etc. has a fight card that shows Brent Thompson fought 54 times in a near 15-year career. Unfortunately, the years 1998-2002 aren't accounted for on the site, so that fight total could be way low.

It's certainly off by at least one. Here's a video from Dec. 29, 1998 in which Brent Thompson squared off against Rochester American (yay!) Darren Van Oene.

It ended poorly for Tage's dad. Concussion-like poorly.

To be fair to Brent, below is a video of him doing quite a bit better against Tie Domi on October 9, 1993.

There's no need to talk about how good a fighter Domi was, though it's odd to see him wearing anything but a Maple Leafs uniform on. He was playing for the Winnipeg Jets at the time.

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