McGee -- The Sabres Have Draft Capital. What To Do With It?

With JE9 headed to Las Vegas (officially), I got to thinking about the future, as Sabres fans are want to do since that's all we seem to have.

Three firsts (maybe Shane Wright), an early second, and more good spots going forward. And yes I know it could be two firsts in 2022, but there's no way the VGK finish in a lottery spot, IMO.

McGee, and other draftniks, what to do with the haul?

I'm more a fan of using all the picks than using one or more for a trade. But I wouldn't be averse to giving up one of the 1st rounders for an NHL-ready young piece, or two, in a position of need. I can't wait forever, so slowly speeding up the rebuild for the right (young) player would be an option I might find attractive.

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