Count me thankful!

On Nov 13, while driving south on I35 in south Dallas, with my partner Susan, we were hit from behind. A hit and run. We were driving 65 mph at the time and in the middle lane of a 3 lane hgwy. Our vehicle spun 360 degrees and hit a concrete barrier that was at the shld of the road. The momentum caused us to roll over the barrier in the air. We hit a concrete post of a bridge and slammed down to the ground, right side up. As a result of this slamming to the ground I had a 30% burst fx of L5 and Susan a complex fx of her sacrum. We both required surgery. Susan with pins in the Sacrum and pelvis and me with a L4 to S1 lumbar fusion.

We are both doing well at this time. Susan is in a wheelchair for 3 months and non-weight bearing (NWB) hoping the piece that they were not able to pin, heal in place. I am to wear a TSLO (thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis) brace for 2 months. I am not to lift anything over 5#.

So, I am very thankful at this time that our injuries are not more serious. Also to DBTB as it has given me stuff to read and encourage me to get out of bed and to start posting stuff.

Now onto hockey:

I have been following for the past week reading the blog and watching some games and I have a few thoughts to share.

My 1st quarter stars go to 1) Thompson, what a great surprise 2) Ox, he is grinding, skating and putting himself out there game after game 3) goaltending > not great but there have been games where GT has won us games and kept us in games. I expected us to win 19 games this year secondary to the goaltenders we assembled. We may win 25 games! 4) Donnie Meatballs > he somehow keeps these guys motivated and playing hard 90% of the time. I think under Ralphie, they played hard 20% of the time.

I have been excited to watch the games and watch their brand of playing. Great upbeat, take a chance hockey.

Ky has a plan and seems to be sticking to it. As I see it, he is happy with the team he has put together. The only reason he added Boychk ‘s salary is that it gives him options to trade away players later for draft picks and prospects without adding players.

Otherwise, why would he not do what Az has done and trade for some bad contracts and acquire draft picks. Ky wants a shot at a top 3 pick in 2022 and a top 10 in 2023. I think if he plays it well we could be sniffing playoffs in 2024.

I do not see Ky adding any goaltenders or any players other than what he already has in the system. Live and die by the goaltenders blade!

Even though Hayden is not a good player, he is a physical player and Donnie realizes that he is needed on the ice for this dimension he brings.

We still need some tougher players, Reaves has helped to make the Rangers a much tougher team.

Until fighting is outlawed, there will always be a need for players like Reaves.

Hoping you all had a great Holiday weekend!

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