NCAA Hockey Saturday -- No Highlights, But A Link

There were only two NCAA Division I hockey games involving Sabres prospects tonight, not three as originally advertised.

It turns out Northeastern does play Boston University in its next game, but not until Nov. 19. That's the evening thus-far superb Devon Levi and his Husky teammates open their back-to-back weekend set with their near neighbors.

In games that were played ...

North Dakota 5, Miami 4

There is a highlight package on YouTube. Matteo Costantini is prominent. He wears No.18. But there's little worth viewing.

That's not to say the Sabres' fifth-round pick didn't do well. Costantini picked up two assists of the secondary variety.

North Dakota next -- Nov. 19 & 20 v. Minnesota-Duluth in Grand Forks

Side note -- IMO, this the top college hockey matchup of next weekend. The No.4 ranked Bulldogs are 7-2. No.7 North Dakota is 8-3. This will be an excellent chance to view Costantini against high-quality opposition.

Minnesota 2, Ohio State 0

There's even less to see here.

Ryan Johnson likely played well -- the Golden Gophers allowed only 13 shots on goal. Johnson didn't register a shot going the other way from his defense position, and finished plus-one.

Minnesota next -- Nov. 19 & 20 v. Penn State in Minneapolis


If you're into reading gushing articles about the Michigan Wolverines duo of Owen Power and Erik Portillo, and how can you not be, below is a link to the front page of the student produced The Michigan Daily.

If you click now, or in the immediate future, you'll be greeted by a large photo of OP22, and headlines topping two articles. One is on the Sabres recent No.1 draft pick. The other is on EP1. Enjoy.

The Michigan Daily --

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