My thoughts on viewing Sabres games via ESPN+

First let me apologize - I am not a writer in any sense of the word. My thought was, although probably a little late was to give my impression of watching Sabres games via ESPN+. I've been a Sabres fan since day one and have followed the Sabres everywhere I've been. Having been in the Coast Guard for over 26 years made it hard to watch them over the years but once cable became available and viewing packages became available viewing became a bit easier. I have used Center Ice, the NHLs package and now ESPN+. Here are my thoughts.

Center Ice - I was able to watch most games with the exception of those on the NHL network due to it not being included in the package. The most frustrating thing I found about Center Ice was that only 2 or 3 games were shown in HD. The rest of the nights games were not in HD and you could really tell. No idea why they did this. You would not get any pre-game or post-game coverage. The moment the game finished and went to the first commercial break the feed was cut and you were done. You would find the games available via your cable tv guide. Most games had home/away feeds although some only included one.

NHL TV - By far, at this point my favorite. Unlike Center Ice you would get both the pre-game and post-game shows. All games were available in HD. I don't recall not being able to get the Sabres feed for every game if it was broadcast. The game viewing options were well organized and very easy to find. Both upcoming and past games were organized by date and you could either show the score or leave it as a surprise. This made watching games you missed easier without knowing the outcome if that was your intention.

ESPN+ - Good - all of the games are in HD. Seems that if there is a Sabres broadcast then it is available to choose. Cost is about half of what I paid for the NHL's package. Not so good - there is no real rhyme or reason on how they list games available to watch. You have to wade through all the games, including other sports, to find what you're looking for. It is also hard sometimes to find live games versus already played games. If I wanted to watch a Sabres game from a couple weeks ago I'm not sure I could find it. It may not even be available as I haven't really tried. Like Center Ice there is no pre-game or post-game coverage. At the first commercial break after the final horn you are cut off.

Overall thoughts - ESPN+ is ok and much better than nothing. I hope that in the coming years they refine it to make it more like NHLTV was. I haven't had any real issues with the feed or the quality of the feed and usually have the feed running in two places each game. I'll be downstairs on the computer so I can Discord with family back in Buffalo while my wife is upstairs watching on TV. No issues. The ESPN+ commercials are overall better than the NHLTV ones that ran on a loop. If you're out of Market and want to watch the Sabres play it's functional, just not ideal. Perhaps a bit of a step back from last year but overall it works. Since this is their first year I'm hoping that things will improve over time or in the next couple of years.

I hope this was helpful. Keep the faith people - this is a young team that looks to have the right blend of coaching/teaching behind the bench. There is a lot of negativity on this board that is much more depressing than the Sabres play deserves. My user name is a reflection of my feelings on that. I'll blame the Buffalo media for that but that's a whole other topic.

So from Wisconsin - Go Sabres.

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