Hockey is back!!!

Long awaited, and quite frankly, I'm a bit nervous that something could derail the season, but I can't wait for Thursday when we open against the Caps!

I'm putting in my pizza and beer order now, to the groanings of my dear wife :)

Anyway, I'd thought I'd move us along with a bit of a survey and/or just pick your thoughts as to how you think the Sabres' season will go.


1) Where do you predict the Sabres will end up in their division? My gut tells me they will end up in 5th or 6th place but my heart tells me 4th and in the playoffs. Going with my heart, I have Philadelphia, Boston, NYR, Buffalo in the playoffs. (optimistic or just silly?)

2) Who are your top 3 scoring leaders for the Sabres this year? Eichel, Hall, and Olofsson are my picks. I want Skinner to be in the top three, but he seems to be in the Krueger's doghouse. Which leads me to question...

3) Skinner: Do you think he is Ralph's whipping boy this season? Your thoughts on Skinner/Krueger relationship. Am I reading too many things into this demotion? Honestly, Skinner is a guy I really like but that contract is horrible. It really screws up our ability to be flexible. I'd love to see us trade Skinner to Seattle (thank you, Jason!)

4) One player that surprises us this year (for the good)

5) One player that surprises us this year (for the bad)

Any other random thoughts you have for the season.....??

Thanks for reading! I can't wait!

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