Great Debate Vol. 1 - Keep or Trade Rasmus Ristolainen?

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Well August is past and we're leaking into Labor Day here in the States. So, Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you! Enjoy the brats on the grill (or hamburgers or chicken). Football is back (albeit without many fans, if any at all). Hope all of you remain safe and are with family and friends.

I'd thought I'd stir up the pot a bit because we're watching playoff hockey without Buffalo (I know that just startles so many of you).

As a hockey stat novice, I'd like to ask the stat guys to come out charging, if you will. And here is the scenario:

I honestly believe it's in the Sabres' best interest to NOT trade Rasmus Ristolainen for anything less than a true #2C. I'm under the belief that if you trade him, you're immediately trying to replace him with the same type of player. However, I'm willing to listen and be persuaded differently IF you can convince me otherwise. So, stat guys, here is your chance, and be as honest as you can be:

Trade Risto Crowd

1) Give me stats as to why Risto should be traded. I'd also like read about all your reasoning in trading him (salary, trading partners, etc)

Now for the other side of the argument. Keep Risto Crowd

1) I'd like for the guys to say keep Risto to give me comparisons from other teams of who Risto is most like from different teams (and stats are useful here as well).

What I'm trying to get a handle on and what I want is a comparison of other team's "Risto" and would THEY trade their "Risto"? (For example, Risto may be a -10 this year, but Edmonton's -10 Defenseman who is most like Risto is XXXXXX, and they wouldn't trade XXXXX.)

I want to see both sides of the argument because my gut tells me that other teams who have a Ristolainen would not necessarily trade a player like Risto. Every player has warts and we fans get all emotional about the warts on OUR players but don't necessarily see the warts on similar players of other teams. (myopic consciousness, I like to call it).

So, have at it... convince me to trade Risto (stats tell me so) or keep Risto (because other teams have similar players)

I hope I haven't confused you.... but happy labor day! Beer and Brats!

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