Calling all Draft Pundits.....

I'm sitting here a bit tired and watching the Bolts destroy the Bruins tonight (currently it's 7 -1 and Boston hasn't reached 20 SOGs late into the 3rd - very mystifying).

But I digress... and since the draft is right around some corner some day into the future, I thought I'd ask a few more questions for those of you who are really smart about these type of things,'s the draft and we have nothing more to look forward to as Sabre fans unless Princess Kim posts pictures of her new yacht. So, here goes...


1) When looking at a forward prospect, what three skills do you rate highly in your scoreboard? What one skill do you say "meh"?

2) When looking at a center prospect, what three skills do you look for at the Center position?

3) When looking at a Defenseman, what skills are most important for you?

4) What do you look for in a goaltender?

I realize that some of the same skills may exist across the board (such as skating ability) but I'm interested in what innate skill set is most important each position.

Again, just having a bit of fun with this so we can banter about.

I'll go back and watch the Bruins get hammered. Thanks all!

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