Coaching Philosophies and Sundry Other Things...

Good Evening all.. Watching the Playoffs makes my head hurt as I see how far we really are to competing for a Cup. But, it has brought something to my attention that I'd like to ask some (if not all) the pundits at DBTB.

Since many of our great readers have actually either played hockey competitively or coached at various levels, I have some questions to ask that have been brought up in my brain watching so many good teams play this summer (and I'm still trying to wrap my brain around summer hockey)

1) Given you have played or coached at various levels, what is your coaching philosophy? By this I mean, how do you approach a game (given consideration that most of you coached or are coaching young kids or teens)?

2) Do you approach a game with the intention of teaching kids (developmentally) or just win? (And, for the record, if I coached, I think winning would be more important).

3) What kind of system do you use? What are the advantages of that system? Disadvantages?

4) While watching a professional team (NHL or Canadian or European league) are you watching for a systematic approach? What are you thinking as you watch?

For those of you who have played (and not coached) while watching a professional team, what are you most looking for as far as individual play is concerned? Are you looking at how a player positions himself while he doesn't have the puck? Are you looking at the way he skates? What clues do you look for that tells you this player is "on his game" that night?

I'm guess I'm just looking for ways to continue hockey conversation while the playoff are continuing and the Sabres are basically not doing anything until late October/November. I am interested in reading your comments. I still consider myself a novice as so many of you are so well in-tuned to dissecting the game so well.

Thanks for responding. I'm looking forward to reading and learning from you.

Stay safe!

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