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Weekly Open Thread 6/29

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Discuss the latest going on in the hockey world

2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Here’s the weekly open thread for this week, with the major headlines.

Mon 6/29

The Pegulas have wielded the axe again (who’s left anyway?!) over at Pegula Sports & Entertainment (PSE), with VP of Finance Chuck LaMattina the latest to be shown the door. Unlike some of the previous firings which have been to reduce payroll, according to the Buffalo News there are plans to backfill this position.

Two contrarian views from the BN crew - who should the Sabres be looking to draft at their #8 position? Or should the Sabres trade away the pick and get someone who can help the team now?

Away from the Sabres, the NHL announced that a number of players have tested positive in the rounds of tests being done as part of the Return To Play Plan.