Brassmaster GM for a Day: Hypothetical Two-Round Mock Draft Options

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I've been working on finishing my final rankings for the 2020 draft and I have an idea that I'd like to posit to the DBTB community.

First I think it's important for me to put forward how I view the draft:

1.) Tiered based Ranking

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the exact ranking and tiers of the players in each draft. You're more than welcome to disagree, but how I see the tiers for the Sabres pick at 7 I see it like this:

Tier 1 (superstar ceiling with no real concern): Rossi/Raymond/Stutzle/Drysdale

Tier 2 (superstar ceiling but with minor concerns): Holtz/Perfetti/Lundell/Gunler

Holtz and Raymond I imagine are going to be the two most debatable names and how I separated them into tiers and that's okay, but for me that's how I'd align them.

When it comes to who should the Sabres draft I always believe you take a player in the highest tier available. If two are available then it's a preference pick. For example: if the Sabres had their choice between Rossi and Raymond and they took Raymond...I'd be happy with the pick. I would've picked Rossi, but it's in the same tier.

2.) Value based drafting

There's a million mock drafts, Insider hockey people, and consensus rankings out there that you get a sense of how the draft is going to unfold before it happens. The idea is that if you are way higher than the consensus of a player, then it makes sense to trade back to try to acquire said player. Last year I had Alex Newhook at #4. I knew that I was probably at least 8 spots too high on him, so trading back at #8 for the Sabres made sense if they wanted to acquire him. This year I'm a little higher on Lundell than the consensus and a lot higher on Gunler. If I use my Tier based approach then it makes sense for me, pretending to be the Sabres, to trade back and still get a player I value as much as Holtz/Perfetti while acquiring more draft assets as well

Jokke Nevalainen (head European scout for Dobber Hockey) Posted a two round mock draft earlier today. Before looking at his mock draft I've decided to use Broad Street hockey's Draft Value table to determine three trades we could make to trade back and compare them with what it'd look like if I just made the selections at #7. Here are the 5 scenarios:

1.) Draft at #7 and #38 using Jokke's picks

2.) Draft at #7 and #38 using my picks

3.) Trade #7 to the NYR for #13 and #24 (we slightly win this trade on the value chart)

4.) Trade #7 to Minnesota for #11 and #42 (even trade)

5.) Trade #7 to Chicago for #9 and #55

I will assume that anyone trading up is trading up to take who the Sabres take in Jokke's draft at #7.

Scenario 1: Jokke's Mock Draft and his Sabres Picks

1.) DET: Alexis Lafreniere

2.) Ottawa: Quinton Byfield

3.) Ottawa: Lucas Raymond

4.) LAK: Tim Stutzle

5.) ANA: Marco Rossi

6.) NJD: Jamies Drysdale

7.) Buffalo: Alexander Holtz

8.) Montreal: Jake Sanderson

9.) Chicago: Yaroslav Askarov

10.) NJD: Cole Perfetti

11.) Minnesota: Anton Lundell

12.) WPG: Kaiden Guhle

13.) NYR: Jack Quinn

14.) FLA: Dylan Holloway

15.) CBJ: Noel Gunler

16.) Braden Schneider

17.) NJD: Seth Jarvis

18.) NSH: Dawson Mercer

19.) Carolina: Rodion Amirov

20.) EDM: Jan Mysak

21.) Ottawa: Helge Grans

22.) Dallas: Connor Zary

23.) NYR: Emil Andrae

24.) MIN: Brandan Brisson

25.) PHI: Mavrik Borque

26.) SJS: Zion Nybeck

27.) COL: Lucas Reichel

28.) VGK: Jacob Perreault

29.) WSH: Tyson Foerster

30.) STL: Ryan O'Rourke

31.) ANA: Hendrix Lapierre

Round 2

32.) DET: Jeremie Poirier

33.) OTT: Kasper Simontaival

34.) SJS: Justin Barron

35.) LAK: William Wallinder

36.) ANA: Topi Niemela

37.) NSH: Thomas Bordeleau

38.) Buffalo: JJ Peterka

39.) MON: Vasili Ponomaryov

40.) MON: Theodor Niederbach

41.) ARZ: Roni Hirvonen

42.) MIN: JL Foudy

43.) WIN: Lucas Cormier

44.) CAR: Roby Jarventie

45.) FLA: Jaromir Pytlik

46.) OTT: Marat Khusnutdinov

47.) CGY: Jake Neighbours

48.) LAK: Carter Savoie

49.) NSH: Justin Sourdif

50.) TOR: Yan Kuznetsov

51.) DET: Ty Smilanic

52.) OTT: Daniil Guschin

53.) OTT: Joel Blomqvist

54.) CAR: Joni Jurmo

55.) CHI: Martin Chromiak

56.) PHI: Daniel Torgersson

57.) TB: Sean Farrell

58.) SJS: Ozzy Wiesblatt

59.) LAK: Tyler Tullio

60.) DET: Vetti Miettinen

61.) MON: Will Cuylle

62.) BOS: Oliver Sunni

Scenario #1

#7: Alexander Holtz

#38: JJ Peterka

Scenario #2

#7: Alexander Holtz

#38: Marat Khusnutdinov

Scenario #3

#13: Noel Gunler

#24: Jacob Perreault

#38: Marat Khusnutdinov

Scenario #4

#11: Anton Lundell

#38: Marat Khusnutdinov

#42: Martin Chromiak

Scenario #5

#9: Cole Perfetti

#38: Marat Khusnutdinov

#55: Sam Colangelo (technically I'd pick Chromiak again but thought I'd make it interesting)

Which one you like the best?

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