DBTB Trivia: 2019-20 Buffalo Sabres Jersey Numbers

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Hola amigos - been a while since I rapped at ya! Truth is, I've been super busy while simultaneously super lazy when it comes to creating new trivia quizzes. Well, I had an idea for a sneakily diabolical little Buffalo Sabres quiz, so I went ahead and put it out there!

The concept is very simple - from a list of all possible uniform numbers, click on all the ones worn during a regular season game for the 2019-20 Sabres. Easy right? Surely our memories aren't so bad that we would have a hard time remembering the season that just was (or possibly still is?), and all of our favorite and not-so-much players?

It's not as easy as it sounds, believe it or not (especially if you're not one to pay attention to players' numbers). But at least you just have to click - no typing or spelling required!

My tip is to start with the ones you're absolutely sure about before guessing, as selecting numbers that were not used this season will be counted as incorrect answers. I hope this provides a quick little distraction for any fans who might be going stir crazy - enjoy!

Jersey Numbers Worn - 2019-20 Buffalo Sabres

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