Random Thoughts For Free Agency

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I'm a little let down after another Draft is over. Not that the Sabres let me down, I actually think they did pretty well despite their lack of selections. But it is my favorite time of the year, whether it's in October or June. But with the compressed off-season, we don't have time to think...Free Agent Frenzy starts tomorrow! So here's a couple thoughts that come to mind:

1) Dominik Kahun. I don't think we should bemoan the Kahun situation as a colossal screw up, even if they don't come to an agreement (I think they will). It does make the reality of an internal cap, despite Adams' reluctance to confirm, more likely.

2) Buy-outs. There are a lot of nice players on the market for free right now. Nick Cousins, Kyle Turris, Jeremy Bracco, Carter Verhaege, Anthony Duclair, Justin Abdelkader...nobody that's a franchise-changer, obviously, but some very nice depth pieces. I think this is a place where Adams can be effective. He can offer these guys more $$$ than they'd normally get, and bring them in - especially guys who have had success - to rebuild the bottom 6. Honestly, I wouldn't mind trying to get a Turris as a 3C for, say, 2.5M for 2 years...and maybe a Cousins or a Verhaege for boost the forward depth on the Sabres.

3) Money. I know they won't, but I would really like to see the Sabres utilize their cap space for good. So being a middle man in a MA Fleury deal, or an Ekman-Larsson deal - taking on cap space and getting an asset or two from both the giving and receiving teams. Just seems like a smart use of all the room they have.

Talking something like: MAF will go to the Canes, but not at $7M! They have to sign Svechnikov next year and extend Hamilton! So Sabres agree to take on $3M. For that they get a 1st (reportedly Vegas already offered Fleury and a 2nd around the League and no one would take him) and/or a prospect. Then the Sabres deal MAF to the Canes. Canes give up a player and a prospect. Something like that would be nice.

4) To all the folks who say, 'The Sabres need a) Top 4 LHD, b) Top 6 scorer, c) #1 Goalie, d) 3C''s not happening. Maybe 2 of those things will happen. They don't have the assets to move to get all of those holes filled. They do need to move a RHD now that they Qualified one of Miller, Risto, Monty, or Joker should be moved...but none of those players are going to net a huge haul.

So I think they add some quality depth, they do it cheaply, and maybe make 1 middling deal and 1 minor deal. I do think they'll bring back Kahun though.

Thoughts of your own?

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