The Last Brass Bonanza: 1st Round Contest, Recapping the Draft, Brass/McGee/Sabres 2 year Prospect Depth Chart

Jack Quinn - Buffalo News

This is a long post. I'm going to break it up into 4 parts:

1.) My Soapbox Rant

2.) Standings of the 1st Round Mock Draft Context

3.) Using McGee's and I's Big Boards: Analyzing the Sabres draft and who our boards (and who I would've) picked

4.) What two years of doing #3 has for each of us in the prospect pool

Part 1: Why the Sabres can't draft: A Rant

It's been 24 hours since I had a mini-meltdown about the #8 pick. In truth: the Sabres didn't make out too bad. Jack Quinn and JJ Peterka are almost sure-fire bets to play 100 NHL games. Looking at past data the median # of players that play 100 games per team is about two per draft. So, at worst, that's what I would give us. We had an average draft.

What frustrates me to no end is the process and organizational philosophy managing the draft. For the entire administrative side to talk about using data in the decision process: to walk away with Jack Quinn at #10 made no sense. Had Rossi been off the board I think you could've made a reasonable argument for Quinn. But he wasn't. Quinn's transition numbers don't compare to Rossi's, his defensive metrics don't compare, any quantitative site that uses just counting stats had Rossi from 2-4 in the draft, and they're similar ages on the same team in the same freaking league. There is, and I am being blunt, not ONE stat you can point to outside of "Size" and "goals scored" that points to Quinn. I am dumbfounded that ANYONE who has watched the Ottawa 67s play a single game this past year would walk away from the rink thinking Jack Quinn> Marco Rossi. It's inexcusable. If this wasn't Terry and Kim's buddy network of hires it would be grounds for termination for Crowe and Nightingale. The process of how they evaluated talent is screwed up. The problem in exposing that flaw is that this draft is deep. Quinn could be a good player. They can justify their pick. But what they left on the board at #8 was inexcusable.

Find me a study that says anyone should ever trade up to make a draft pick. I'll wait. The value of the 38 pick to the 34 pick is minimal. I love JJ Peterka. He was #26 on my board. But who else was available? My #10, #16, #18, and #24 picks as well. To give up a 4th round pick, when we are already devoid of a third round pick, is punting the mid-rounds of the draft. And this draft ran DEEP. Quality players were drafted through the 5th round, and some of the smaller players lasting until the 7th round. The NHL draft is a bit of a crap shoot, but at the end of the day when you piss away draft picks you have less chances at the lottery to find quality players in the later rounds. Great teams find value after the first 62 picks. They're cheap, cost-controlled contracts oftentimes for the first 6 years of their professional careers. I like Peterka, but at best he's a second line winger with a great center to facilitate the puck to him...and most likely a third line winger.

Quinn is a fine pick. Peterka is a great add. But you can't mismanage a draft just to get two players you hope pan out every year. Draft the best player available regardless of size. Trade back instead of trade up (Remember! Toronto turned Tyler Kleven into Roni Hirvonen and Topi Niemela by trading back! Let us revisit this yearly!). And for the love of God: re-assess how you handle picks that aren't in the top 40. They have been f**king atrocious drafting anyone late.

Part 2: 1st Round Draft Contest Results

Just so you don't think I cooked up the results! Or in case I messed it up you can double check here

1st place: 39 points- SwedeChristoffer!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
2nd place: 37 points: Buffalo Represent
3rd place: 36 points: swontfan/T McGee
4th place: 35 points: TheDirtyBuff/Brassmaster418
5th place: 34 points: Mini-Brassmaster/SwordsAndSkins
6th place: 33 points: EichEichBaby
7th place: 30 points: Sabres Of Glory
8th place: 25 points: macdaddy37
9th place: 18 points: mythic_picnic

Part 3: Analyzing the Sabres Draft.
I'm going to break this down by the Sabres Draft pick, who my board would've picked, McGee's board would've picked, and who I would've picked given who we already have selected


Sabres pick: Jack Quinn, RW, OHL

Joined an elite club of players (like Kaliyev last year) including players like Skinner, Tavares, DeBrincat, and Stamkos to hit the 50+ goal mark in their draft year in the OHL. Did NOT play on the same line as Marco Rossi so he was contributing without the two top playmakers on the team on his line. He scored more than most on the power play but nowhere near a concerning distribution of 5v5 vs PP goals. He's a crafty player in the offensive zone who should get more credit for his playmaking ability, and is a positive player in transition and in the defensive zone as well.

He helps fill the massive hole that is on the RW in the prospect pipeline as well.

My main concerns all have to do with red flags about breakout age, age at draft, and quality of team surrounding him. He scored just 12 goals in 61 games last year. He's just 4 days past the cutoff age for the draft and one of the oldest players in the draft. If this were his DY+1 year we would be projecting a hit on our 3rd-6th round pick in 2019. He wasn't the engine on his team, his involvement rate isn't as high as you'd like to see it due to the very high goal scoring of his team, and he'll be a lone wolf on the team next year as most of the quality players on the 67s will be graduating off the team as well. There is a real chance if Quinn plays in the OHL this upcoming year that you see his goals scored drop by more than 20.

The Sabres bet on the shot, the two way and transition play, and his playmaking and off-the-puck skills. Hopefully we see his trajectory continue to go way up next year.

Brassmaster Draft Board pick: Marco Rossi, C, OHL

It's no secret here at DBTB where I stand on Marco Rossi as he ranks #3 on my board. The 5'9 pivot ripped apart the OHL this year with 120 points in 56 games leading the OHL in scoring and was also the engine on the most dominant CHL team this past year. His strength is the ability to dictate the pace of the game and is a mastermind facilitating the play in the offensive zone. He sports strong defensive and transition metrics, has really good hands, and excels at hitting teammates in scoring positions as well as shooting from high danger areas.

Quantitatively he is over 4 points P1/e60 and is well over 40% involvement rate in the OHL which have been strong indicators of super-star status based on historical data of the past 11 drafts. He doesn't sport the "Size-to-speed" combo many scouts look for with prospects less than 5'10. He's a very good skater but doesn't have an elite top gear. However, he is physical on the brink of dirty with how he plays. I project him as a center based on how good he is defensively and his ability to facilitate play through the center of the ice both with the puck on his stick and through his passing ability. A dream-come-true for the Sabres to be able to lock Eichel-Rossi-Cozens (possibly Mitts) down the middle long term. Hasn't signed a European contract as of 9/22 so he's anticipating competing for a roster spot in the NHL.

McGee's Draft Board pick: Marco Rossi, C, OHL

See Above.


Sabres Pick: John-Jason Peterka, LW, DEL

Peterka plays a very physical, north-south type style game that is very high energy and combines it with a very nice shot. He's very good in transition and uses quick passes to move the puck up the ice. He plays the game of a 6'2, 210lb player despite being just 5'11, 192lb which may cause him to get knocked around a bit when he tries to play his net-front presence type of game. He is a relentless forechecker who will be a welcomed addition at generating chaos both there and in board battles. His motor is top-end, and if he is able to develop more skill with the puck on his stick he could be a legit top 6 player. However, I'd currently project him as an ideal LW on the third line who is more than capable to put the puck in the net.

Brassmaster Draft Board Pick: Noel Gunler, W, SHL

A divisive prospect to say the least. His naysayers will talk about that he is one dimensional and that he isn't engaged off the puck. However, I see the upside of Gunler. He is an above average skater with great hands and has shown he can be a playmaker in the SHL. His shot is just as good as Holtz/Quinn's and he will go to the dirty areas of the ice to get a goal. He's definitely the one player I wanted to see play in the u18s as he has been kept away from international play so far.

If there's one thing you should know about me as a prospect person: I bet on upside. I introduce you to this year's Kaliyev. His offensive upside is on par or better than everyone after Byfield...but he's not a consistent player. He's very engaged in puck battles in the offensive end but gives up the blue line when the puck is coming back at him way too much. Scouching's video does a wonderful break down of his game. I agree with Scouch on Gunler: I bet on the offensive talent and that the rest can be coached.

Brassmaster Who I would've Picked: Marat Khusnutdinov, C, MHL

Last year I didn't put Nic Robertson where I thought he should be because I would've been such an outlier. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is with Marat. He's super quick, one of the best playmakers in the MHL, and his production would be eons higher if he wasn't on a stacked team and playing 3rd line minutes. He plays all situations. I really don't see any faults in his game besides his size, and honestly he's so quick footed and quick-minded that he's going to be super slippery in the North American game.

Like Peterka he is a relentless forechecker and fantastic defensive player. He has eons of speed and has tons of puck skill. He attempts and completes more passes per 60 minutes than most defensemen according to Scouch's data. Where the question lies: is he willing to step up the confidence and tenacity level in the offensive zone? He's already deferring to Michkov (2023 eligible who is a phenom but shouldn't be running anything at 15) on the PP in the MHL this year. I want him to RUN the damn team in the offensive end instead of just facilitating the puck to players. If he learns to do that he's got the makings of a top 10 pick in a redraft.

McGee's Draft Board: Noel Gunler, W, SHL

See above.


Sabres Pick: Matteo Costantini, C, OJHL

6', 172 lbs

50gp, 36g, 68pts

I didn't see him play. By all reports is that he was drafted with an energy type role due to his high motor. The OJHL hasn't produced anyone worth a damn in forever, he's going to play in the BCHL this year so we're talking about at least a 4 year project and most likely a 5 year project when it's all said and done when he goes to North Dakota.

Brassmaster Draft Board/Who I would've picked: Zion Nybeck, RW, SuperElit

God I love this kid. He's just 5'8 but he plays with tremendous speed, was the leading scorer in the SuperElit before being called up to the SHL. Plays in all areas of the ice, can both distribute and finish. Will play bigger than he is and will battle in the corners and get his butt back on the backcheck. He isn't the fleetest of foot and that cost him dearly in the draft process. However...DY eligible players that put up the numbers he has are RARELY busts. He is going to take longer than most prospects and just recently signed a 3 year deal to keep him in HV-71 for awhile with Andrae. I want to see him producing by the end of this year and then excelling in his DY+2 year in the SHL. I love this swing.

McGee Draft Board: Martin Chromiak, LW, OHL

In McGee's words from a comment in July: "A McGee favorite, I have Chromiak as a 1st round caliber player so this would be a steal. A stocky 6’0 185#, Chromiak is an exciting offensive player who does equally well shooting or passing the puck. The Slovak had a strong start to the season putting up 5P in 4 games at the Hlinka, then returned to his native Slovakia where he played in the senior Men’s League. Unfortunately for him, as with so many young players, he received very little ice time, managing to still finish in the Top 10 on his club in goals despite getting 4-5 minutes a night. After getting inexplicably cut from the Slovak’s World Junior team, he decided to come over to the OHL where he joined Kingston and superstar-in-waiting Shane Wright. Has since put up 33P in 27 games for the Frontenacs, making him a Top 10 player in PPG in the absolutely-stacked OHL. Chromiak’s game is high-octane offense. He’s a very good skater, not explosive or an absolute burner, but has light feet with excellent edgework that allows him to excel off the cycle, in traffic, or coming off the wall. His solid frame and footwork makes him a bear to take off the puck. He’s good along the walls and in the corners and able to not only win battles for pucks, but to make plays out of those battles. This speaks to his smarts – he’s got excellent anticipation in the offensive end and seems to develop an automatic chemistry with his linemates. Some skeptics will say "Oh, he played with Shane Wright, no wonder he scored all those points…" but the fact is, Wright’s offensive performance, along with potential 2020 draftee Zayde Wisdom, went up once Chromiak came to Kingston. Sees openings and doesn’t hesitate, has a nice first step and can get through them in a blink to create odd-man situations or get loose for a shot. And that shot is no joke. A heavy, hard wrister with a killer release is his shot of choice, but he’s got a full arsenal including a really slick backhand around the net and a big-time one-timer. And he seemed to adapt his game from being a primary option on the Slovak National Team to being a complimentary player, looking for, and finding, the aforementioned Wright on a regular basis. Now, Chromiak can be a bit of a slow-starter, and his effort level isn’t always A+ which can be a concern. He’s also got some deficiencies in his own zone, particularly can get caught puck-watching and lose his mark in space, which can make his coverage around the net iffy at best. So there are some kinks to work out, but the fact is, Chromiak is one of the youngest players in this draft class, missing the cut-off by a couple of weeks, so there’s more room for development. There’s a lot to like here."


Sabres Pick: Albert Lyckasen*, LHD, SuperElit

From Elite Prospects: He's got great edge work and four-way mobility. He wants the puck on his stick. He wants to lead the puck up-ice. He wants to quarterback the power play. He wants the puck back as soon as his team has lost possession. And he plays like it. He's got such a great gravitational pull with the puck, which creates so much extra space for his teammates every time he's on the ice

I am not a fan of him for two main reasons.

1.) He's a DY+1 who played down in the SuperElit.

2.) He's only playing in the Allsvenskan this year.

There is a long road for him translating those offensive numbers to the SHL and for him to be anything more than a 1-2 year depth player in the AHL. I'll give you another example: Theo Nordlund. Undrafted in this year's draft; I liked him a lot as a defensive defensemen who has the transition game. He had 11 points in 43 games last year. Currently sitting at the same pace as Lyackasen was last year in points in the SuperElit. I think Nordlund is the better defender as well. Highly doubt Lyackasen has a better NHL career than Nordlund.

Brassmaster Draft Board/My Pick: Alexander Pashin, F, MHL

Pashin finished with the 6th highest PPG average in the MHL's history this past season. Couple that with his one man heroic performance in the Hlinka and he has definitely turned heads this past year. He's exceptional in the zone. His vision and stick handling in tight situations is on par with the best with the class, and his skating is above average despite his height. He has always played a PP and offensive game...he doesn't project under the model of a 'safe' player to draft. Either he develops enough to earn a scoring role on your team or he's going to bounce between the AHL and KHL for his career. I'm betting on the skillset of the player. He's also a July birthday so has a big curve in development going forward. Currently with 5 points in 3 games as an overager in the MHl and getting KHL time. I expect once the Russian leagues get healthy he'll be a regular in the VHL. Steal. Of. The. Draft. Pashin in the 7th round.

McGee Draft Board: Ronan Seeley, LHD, WHL

Couldn't find McGee talking about him, so here's a brief description from Elite Prospect: He makes tremendous reads of complex rushes, dealing with hands-off and mini-2-on-1s as well as anyone in the draft with a combination of anticipation and confidence. Seeley is an aggressive, confident defender. His off-puck awareness to tie-up attackers with timing to minimize risk is a big plus. He's physical along the boards to separate opposition forwards from the puck.


Sabres pick: Jakub Konecny, F, DEL Cup

From Calvin's piece: What Konecny brings to the table is pretty straightforward: he’s fast and has above-average puck control. The fact that he plays center is a bonus, although there’s some doubt about whether he has what it takes to stay as a pivot-moving forward. The 2020 crop of Czech forwards is fairly underwhelming, which has given Konecny a lot of opportunity to represent his country internationally, something that is likely to continue. Scoring totals don’t fully reflect his tools.

Sub-par numbers for the DEL Cup last year. Did not play in a league worth scouting on my end. Long term project to say the least.

Brassmaster Draft Board: James Hardie, LW, OHL

Another prospect that wasn't on the radar to begin the year...he finished the season on a ridiculous pace since the new year began with 20 of his 34 goals coming in the last 2.5 months of the season. A sniper who has a very, very good wrist and slap shot..Hardie has to improve his skating in order to be a truly impact player at the next level. He's not going to carry the puck into the zone for possession, but he's going to be a menace if he's able to get his shot off.

Brassmaster My Pick: Victor Mancini, RHD, SuperElit

Jumping from the USHL to the Swedish Junior league was a surprise, but he did look pretty good throughout the year and jumped from the J-18 to the SuperElit rather quickly. Has a bit of an offensive flare to his game, but plays a strong defensive game. Coming back over to play for Nebraska-Omaha in 2021-22 he's a long term project.

McGee Draft Board: Simon Kubicek, RHD, WHL

In McGee's words: "I love Kubicek. He’s a do-it-all type. Can run a PP, can kill penalties, solid 5v5. His reads in his own end are very sound and he kills a lot of plays the opposition tries to make. Sure, he’s not exciting, he won’t wow you with great play after great play, but that’s not necessarily what I’m looking for in my D-Men. Typically he’s in the right place, pretty good skater especially on his edges and lateral movement (could get a little quicker feet and more explosion though). Accurate passer, as Brass points out, good enough to run point on a PP. I think there’s more upside there on the offensive end, but he’s not in a position to really get up ice a lot as their best defender.

He reminds me some of Martin Fehevery, who got drafted a couple years back by the Caps in the mid-2nd round (and someone I was high on at the time). But in this Draft, that’s a little short on quality defensive prospects, I could see him sneak into the late 1st/early 2nd."

Part 4: The Last Two Years of Picks combined between Sabres, McGee, and Myself



1.) JJ Peterka (Drafted 2020, 2nd round)

DY: 42gp, 7g, 11pts: DEL

Current Status: Unsigned, Playing in ICEHL (2gp, 1g, 3pts)

2.) Lukas Rousek (drafted 2019 6th round, 2019)

DY: 34gp, 4g, 9pts: Czech

DY+1: 52gp, 14g, 29pts: Czech

Current Status: Unsigned, Playing in Czech (6gp, 0g, 5pts)

3.) Filip Cedarqvist* (drafted 2019 Round 5, 2019 as an overager)

DY (Not selected): 17gp, 3g, 23pts (J18 Elit)

DY+1: 26gp, 14g, 32pts (SuperElit)

DY+2: 30gp, 1g, 2pts (SHL)

DY+1: 26gp, 14g, 32pts: SuperElit

DY+2: 30gp, 1g, 2pts: SHL

Current Status: Unsigned, Playing in Allsvenskan (2gp, 0g, 2pts)

4.) Jakub Konecny (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 32gp, 11g, 25pts (DEL Cup)

Current status: Unsigned, 9gp, 4g, 13pts (Czech u20)


1.) Dylan Cozens (Drafted 2019, Round 1, #8)

DY: 68gp, 34g, 84pts (WHL)

DY+1: 51gp, 38g, 85pts (WHL)

Current Status: Signed, WHL or NHL in 20/21

2.) Matteo Costantini (Drafted 2020, Round 5)

DY: 50gp, 36g, 68pts (OJHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, playing in the BCHL in 20/21


1.) Jack Quinn (Drafted 2020, Round 1, pick 8)

DY: 62gp, 52g, 89pts (OHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, OHL/NHL in 20/21

2.) Aaron Huglen (Drafted 2019, Round 4)

DY: 24gp, 17g, 52pts (USHS-MN)

DY+1: DNP (injured)

Current Status: Unsigned, No designation for 20/21 yet


1.) Ryan Johnson (Drafted 2019, 1st round, pick 30)

DY: 54gp, 6g, 25pts (USHL)

DY+1: 37gp, 0g, 8pts (NCAA)


1.) Albert Lyckasen* (Overager, Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY(Not selected): 44gp, 7g, 16pts (SuperElit)

DY+1: 43gp, 14g, 36pts (SuperElit)

Current Status: Unsigned, playing in Allsvenskan 20/21


1.) Erik Portillo (2019, 3rd round)

DY: 26gp, .931 save % (SuperElit)

DY+1: 27gp, .915 save % (USHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, Playing NCAA in 20/21

Brassmaster's Big Board


1.) Arthur Kaliyev (Drafted 2019, Round 1 pick 31)

DY: 67gp, 51g, 102pts (OHL)

DY+1: 57gp, 44g, 98pts (OHL)

Current Status: Signed, NHL/OHL in 20/21

2.) Alexander Pashin (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 37gp, 17g, 39pts (MHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 3gp,0g,0pts in KHL

3.) Pavel Dorofeyev (Drafted 2019, Round 3)

DY: 23gp, 1g, 2pts (KHL)

DY+1: 48gp, 4g, 7pts (KHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 8gp, 0g, 1pt in VHL in 20/21

4.) Dmitri Sheshin (Drafted 2019, Round 6)

DY: 45gp, 20g, 43pts

DY+1: 61gp, 31g, 70pts

Current Status: Unsigned, 7gp, 0g,0pts in VHL in 20/21

5.) Yegor Spiridonov (Drafted 2019, Round 4)

DY: 43gp, 15g, 41pts (MHL)

DY+1: 26gp, 9g, 22pts (MHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 7gp, 2g, 8pts in MHL in 20/21

6.) James Hardie (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 59gp, 34g, 63pts

Current Status: Undrafted, 20/21 status unknown


1.) Marco Rossi (Drafted 2020, Round 1 pick 8)

DY: 56gp, 39g, 120pts (OHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, Undetermined 20/21 on where he'll play

2.) Alex Newhook (Drafted 2019, Round 1 pick 8)

DY: 52gp, 38g, 102pts (BCHL)

DY+1: 34gp, 19g, 42pts (NCAA)

Current Status: Unsigned, playing NCAA in 20/21


1.) Noel Gunler (Drafted 2020, Round 2)

DY: 45gp, 4g, 13pts

Current Status: Unsigned, 4gp, 0g, 0pts in SHL in 20/21

2.) Zion Nybeck (Drafted 2020, Round 5)

DY: 42gp, 27g, 66pts (SuperElit)

Current Status: Unsigned, 5gp, 0g, 0pts in SHL in 20/21


1.) Marshall Warren (Drafted 2019, Round 5)

DY: 58gp, 8g, 34pts (USNTDP)

DY+1: 34gp, 6g, 11pts (NCAA)

Current Status: Unsigned, NCAA in 20/21



Brassmaster: Who I would've picked 2019 and 2020 drafts:


1.) Arthur Kaliyev (Drafted 2019, Round 1 pick 31)

DY: 67gp, 51g, 102pts (OHL)

DY+1: 57gp, 44g, 98pts (OHL)

Current Status: Signed, NHL/OHL in 20/21

2.) Alexander Pashin (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 37gp, 17g, 39pts (MHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 3gp,0g,0pts in KHL

3.) Pavel Dorofeyev (Drafted 2019, Round 3)

DY: 23gp, 1g, 2pts (KHL)

DY+1: 48gp, 4g, 7pts (KHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 8gp, 0g, 1pt in VHL in 20/21

4.) Rhett Pitlick (Drafted 2019, Round 4)

DY: 25gp, 28g, 61pts (USHS-MN)

DY+1: 45gp, 17g, 42pts (USHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, playing NCAA 20/21


1.) Marco Rossi (Drafted 2020, Round 1 pick 8)

DY: 56gp, 39g, 120pts (OHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, Undetermined 20/21 on where he'll play

2.) Alex Newhook (Drafted 2019, Round 1 pick 7)

DY: 52gp, 38g, 102pts (BCHL)

DY+1: 34gp, 19g, 42pts (NCAA)

Current Status: Unsigned, playing NCAA in 20/21

3.) Marat Khusnutdinov (Drafted 2020, Round 2)

DY: 44gp, 13g, 38pts

Current Status: Unsigned, 8gp, 2g, 7pts in MHL in 20/21


1.) Zion Nybeck (Drafted 2020, Round 5)

DY: 42gp, 27g, 66pts (SuperElit)

Current Status: Unsigned, 5gp, 0g, 0pts in SHL in 20/21


1.) Marshall Warren (Drafted 2019, Round 6)

DY: 58gp, 8g, 34pts (USNTDP)

DY+1: 34gp, 6g, 11pts (NCAA)

Current Status: Unsigned, NCAA in 20/21


1.) Victor Mancini (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 38gp, 9g, 14pts (SuperElit)

Current Status: Undrafted, 9gp, 4g, 6pts in SuperElit in 20/21


1.) Dustin Wolf (Drafted 2019, Round 5)

DY: 61gp, .936 save % (WHL)

DY+1: 46gp, .935 save % (WHL)

Current Status: Signed, unknown 20/21 plans

McGee's Big Board


1.) Martin Chromiak (Drafted 2020, Round 5)

DY: 28gp, 11g, 33pts (OHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, NHL/OHL in 20/21

2.) Pavel Dorofeyev (Drafted 2019, Round 2)

DY: 23gp, 1g, 2pts (KHL)

DY+1: 48gp, 4g, 7pts (KHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, 8gp, 0g, 1pt in VHL in 20/21


1.) Trevor Zegras (Drafted 1, Round 1 pick 7)

DY: 60gp, 27g, 87pts (USNTDP)

DY+1: 33gp, 11g, 36pts

Current Status: Signed, AHL/NHL in 20/21

2.) Marco Rossi (Drafted 2020, Round 1 pick 8)

DY: 56gp, 39g, 120pts (OHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, Undetermined 20/21 on where he'll play

3.) Blake Murray (Drafted 2019, Round 6)

DY: 66gp, 30g, 50pts

DY+1: 63gp, 35g, 72pts

Current Status: Unsigned, unknown 20/21 plans


1.) Noel Gunler (Drafted 2020, Round 2)

DY: 45gp, 4g, 13pts

Current Status: Unsigned, 4gp, 0g, 0pts in SHL in 20/21

2.) Patrik Puistola (Drafted 2019, Round 3)

DY: 25gp, 11g, 22pts (JR-Liiga)

DY+1: 24gp, 0g, 2pts (Liiga)

Current Status: Unsigned, 2gp, 1g, 1pt in Liiga in 20/21


1.) Ronan Seeley (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 63gp, 3g, 32pts (WHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, unknown 20/21 plans


1.) Simon Kubicek (Drafted 2020, Round 7)

DY: 52gp, 7g, 27pts

Current Status: Undrafted, 6gp, 1g, 4pts in Czech2 in 20/21

2.) Billy Constantinou (Drafted 2019, Round 5)

DY: 66gp, 10g, 33pts (OHL)

DY+1: 60gp, 9g, 53pts (OHL)

Current Status: Undrafted, unknown 20/21 plans

3.) Martin Hugo Has (Drafted 2019, Round 4)

DY: 37gp, 9g, 16pts (JR-Liiga)

DY+1: 20gp, 0g, 6pts (WHL)

Current Status: Unsigned, Unknown where he's playing 20/21

In Summary


Best Bet Potential NHLers: Cozens/Johnson/Portillo/Quinn/Peterka

Interested Developmental Projects: Lukas Rousek

Brassmaster Big Board:

Best Bet Potential NHLers: Newhook/Kaliyev/Rossi/Gunler

Interesting Projects: Nybeck, Pashin, Sheshin, Warren

Brassmaster Who I would've picked:

Best Bet NHLers: Newhook/Kaliyev/Wolf/Rossi/Khusnutdinov

Interesting projects: Pitlick, Nybeck, Pashin

McGee's Big Board:

Best Bet NHLers: Zegras/Rossi/Gunler

Interesting Projects: Kubicek, Chromiak, Seeley

Thus concludes the 2020 Draft and Brassmaster posts for awhile! See in you in the comments section during Free Agency!

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