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Die By The Blade’s NHL Bracket Challenge League

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The NHL is back with their yearly contest and we’ve got a league for you to enter your brackets.

Buffalo Sabres v Ottawa Senators - Game 5
Remember when we had better things to focus on this time of year?
Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

The 2019 NHL Playoffs begin on Wednesday night and the NHL is once again running their annual Bracket Challenge contest.

We’ve created an official Die By The Blade League into which you can submit your brackets.

Simply click this link, sign in/create an account, complete your bracket, and enter it into the Die By The Blade League. There is no password required.

As far as Die By The Blade is concerned, this is just for fun/bragging rights, but the NHL does have nice prizes available for the overall worldwide winners.

Good luck to all. Have some fun and we’ll revisit the winners once the Stanley Cup has been hoisted.