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Report: Zach Bogosian Requests Trade

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With the defense feeling the roster pinch, Bogosian is looking for a new opportunity.

New Jersey Devils v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

Earlier Thursday, it had been reported that Buffalo Sabres defenseman Zach Bogosian would be a healthy scratch.

With the current roster crunch on the blueline, Ralph Krueger has had his hands full with rotating in-and-out defensemen to not only keep players active but also in an attempt to find the best pairings.

It appeared that tonight was Bogosian’s night where he pulled the proverbial short straw.

Shortly before tonight’s game against the Predators, a report broke on Twitter.

Just like that, the reason for Bogosian’s healthy scratch changed.

About an hour after the news broke, the latest update dropped in TSN’s Insider Trading.

TSN reports that Buffalo has been looking to trade a defenseman for a forward, which makes sense seeing the Sabres offensive troubles.

“Buffalo have been trying to move a defenseman for quite some time,” Dreger said on TSN. “You might look at Marco Scandella and Colin Miller’s name out there.”