Everyone's a Contributor: GM for an hour!

Sabres are sitting pretty right now, but we know how last year unfolded. Saying that, THIS year's club looks much more sustainable that last year's mirage. (looking back on some of the play last year, it was a freaking miracle that they won 10 in a row. They had a lot of pucks bounce the Sabres' way).

The team has really taken to Ralph.

They look like they have bought into this system.

They've said in several different interviews that "Communication is a two way street and that management listens to their ideas". I never heard players say this about the Bylsma/Murray management tandem. Not sure about Housley, but it seems that the guys have really taken to Ralph.

And, as of this morning, we're sitting in first place in the Atlantic. However, we go through too many stretches whereby we can't clear the DZ, and the NZ causes us too many headaches at times. It gets a bit frustrating, but we're still a relatively young team. Still....we need to learn to break out more effectively for stretches at a time.

So, if you were GM for one hour, what is the one trade you would make to help this team for the rest of the year? And PLEASE don't suggest a Marco Scandella/Conner McDavid trade. THAT isn't realistic at all. So, put your thinking caps on and tell us what REALISTIC trade you would make today to help this team out?

Just wanted to get some ideas rolling and some chatter going on the Board. Love to hear your ideas! It makes for great reading!

I'll post my ideas for a trade in the Comments section.

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