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Beyond The Blade - Episode 71 | Summer of 19’

Check out the latest episode of Beyond The Blade podcast

The Prospects Challenge gets started a week from today and it’s time to get back into hockey mode. So, naturally in the latest episode of Beyond The Blade we talked about the summer of 2019.

Stay with me here.

As of now, the free agent class in 2019 will feature players like Tyler Seguin, Erik Karlsson, Artemi Panarin, Jordan Eberle, Matt Duchene, Mark Stone and Jeff Skinner to name a few. It’s not probable all of those players hit the open market, but it’s also not a stretch to say a few of them will.

With the Sabres having a boatload of cap space in the future (currently around $29 million for the 2019-20 season and $50 million for 2020-21) we decided to talk about the potential of targeting one of these players on the open market.

You can here Bill and myself discuss this topic with our two guests Matt Kopnak and Ben Mathewson. The four of us talked about a few players that could be available and focused primarily on Tyler Seguin as the target. We touched on what the Sabres would have to do with their cap situation moving forward and moves that could result from signing a big name free agent.

At the end we have a little fun as well launching our NHL spelling bee segment. You can listen to the full episode below. Also can listen via iTunes or Google Play.