BW Reaction to this week's NHL Sabres' Entry Draft

I preface the beginning of this Fan Post as someone who fully admits to not having the depth of knowledge as many of you have when it comes to NHL draft prospects. You are apt to learn a heck of a lot more from McGee, Ogre, Seneca, BrassMaster, and many others on this board than myself. I'm not invested as much as many of you who have played the game when younger or who study the amateur ranks So what you'll read here below is just one person's perspective of the Draft and where I think we currently sit as a franchise.

I fully understand that this perspective is just a snapshot in time, so to speak, as we have a pending July 1st "open call" on Free Agents, pending trades (hopefully), and development camps looming around the corner. This is my gut reaction to our draft, with a few personal notes littered along the way. So with this prefaced, here is my take from the last 3 days.

Sabres' Draft

1) Rasmus Dahlin - D

2) Mattias Samuelsson - D

3) Matej Pekar - C

4) Linus Lindstrand - D

5) Misa Kukkonen - D

6) William Kreu - D

I have to summarize my thoughts on the draft as this: I'm happy (of course) with Dahlin but feel like I'm wanting more from this draft. I guess I was very much deflated after our first overall selection. Add to that last year's draft when we selected two other defensemen, we've then added 7 defensemen, 1 goalie, and only 4 C/W to our "cache" of talent. I was hoping that we would have added another goalie and another scoring threat to our team, but relying so heavily on D-men makes me think that NEXT year's draft will be heavily reliant on those other positions (I hope).

I believe we went off the "best player available" model to the "organizational needs" model, which is (in my estimation) a flawed model. I think the Islanders and Red Wings went with BPA and absolutely nailed their drafts (I grade their overall drafts better than ours). I always fear when an organization has personnel in place that believe that they are "the smartest guys in the room" and go unconventional routes just to prove their superiority to everyone else i.e Doug Whaley. I do not know if this is the case with the Sabres and I'm not saying it is, however there was talent to be had at the Forward Positions that we missed on that could have helped the lowest scoring team in the NHL.

I do recognize that our defense was horrid and we had very little in the pipeline. Perhaps this is what BOTs was thinking in drafting so many defensemen. I can only speculate.

My second pang of disappointment is the failure to draft a goalie with those late selections. I am confused as to why you don't select a goalie in round 6 and just swap that pick with Toronto, which stands to be a lower selection next year than our's would have been this year. Does anyone have any reason as to why we do this?

Thirdly, the lack of trades by the Sabres might have been a reflection of return coming back to us, but we again have missed an opportunity in getting back to the first round with some of our assets. Temson is right in that we let an asset walk (in Lehner) that would could have packaged to get into the second or third round. Trades were scarce this draft, perhaps for a reason.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. After Dahlin, I'm sorely disappointed in this draft feeling like we could have done better with the talent on the board at 32 and the number of defensemen we now have in the pipeline relative to our C/F/G position. Some of this might be corrected in the coming weeks. I am not souring on BOTS but would love answers to management's thinking.


Sorry for the length of this Post.

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