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So, I put together my mock top 15. I’ll finish the next 16 after the Stanley Cup. Just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on my guess as to what I think the top 15 will look like with the lottery results now in (Without any trades involved).

Alright here we go...

1) With the first overall pick the Buffalo Sabres select Rasmus Dahlin.

This guy is the bees knees and that is all.


We take him because it’s a no-brainer and he’s something we’ve lacked for ages.

2) With the second overall pick the Carolina Hurricanes select Andrei Svechnikov.

Dynamic forward, great skater with next level speed, very hard to knock him off the puck, unreal shot (snapshot, slapper, one-timer — it is all A+), excellent passer, defensive game needs work.


This is a no brainer for a team that needs a dynamic forward who can take over a game at anytime.

3) With the third overall pick the Montreal Canadiens select Filip Zadina.

He’s a good skater but not a great skater (If that makes sense?), can skate to the net with power at anytime, good shot combined with power game make him a pretty good power threat offensively, not the greatest playmaker, not afraid to get to the dirty areas, works hard in his own zone, does a great job cutting off passes.


I think they do this because they need a scorer that does more than just score. Other option was Tkachuk but the upside I think is higher for Zadina and he seems like a Canadiens player.

4) With the fourth overall pick the Ottawa Senators select Adam Boqvist.

Unbelievable skater, transitions from defense to offense and offense to defense at the drop of a hat, FAST, aggressive player, great vision, quick and powerful release on his shot, just an absolute A+ in anything offensive related, lacks size.


They need a replacement for that offense from the backend when Karlsson leaves and Boqvist is their guy.

5) With the fifth overall pick the Arizona Coyotes select Quinton Hughes.

Great skater, great speed and acceleration in both directions, FAST, rarely caught out of position due to that aforementioned speed, great hockey sense, great shot arsenal, needs to work on his defensive game.


They need another good D in the pipeline because OEL might be headed for greener pastures. Plus Chayka likes these US players. Not to mention ‘Zona can nab Quinton’s brother next season.

6) With the sixth overall pick Detroit Red Wings select Noah Dobson.

Very high top end speed, good balance, can create off the rush, good passer, can QB the 1st PP unit just like the defensemen taken before him, very hard slap shot and his one timer is deadly hard as well.


The Wings have needed a top end two way defenseman for a long time; IMHO since Lidstrom retired. Obviously he won’t live up to those expectations but he can easily be better than anything they’ve had in years.

7) With the seventh overall pick the Vancouver Canucks select Evan Bouchard.

His stride sucks, NHL ready slapper and one-timer, just very well in-tune with the offensive side of the game, defense is a different story.


Canucks need a defenseman that can be create offense from the backend and a defenseman who can QB the PP for them and Bouchard is their guy.

8) With the eighth overall pick the Chicago Blackhawks select Oliver Wahlstrom.

Great stickhandler, will take contact to create plays, great shot, loves to shoot, pure goal scorer, definitely needs to work on his defensive game.


This is kind of a blessing for the ‘Hawks; they need another goal scorer especially after that Panarin trade. Wahlstrom kind of falls in their laps here, like Mittelstadt did ours.

9) With the ninth overall pick New York Rangers select Brady Tkachuk.

Needs to work on his first 2-3 strides, power is his game and that’s no surprise knowing who his brother and father are, basically relentless on the puck, good hockey sense, IMHO will be better than his brother, physical in all three zones.


Rangers need a player who can play the power game and Tkachuk would fill right in with that young core.

10) With the tenth overall pick the Edmonton Oilers select Ty Smith.

Great skater, always in the right position, can be a reliable PP QB, great vision, very patient with the puck, great wrist shot, good at getting out of his own end very quickly, fairly strong defensively IMHO.


Oilers basically have to take the best defenseman available and that’s Smith. They need speed on the wings too but wingers are easier to add through trades.

11) With the eleventh overall pick the New York Islanders select Joe Veleno.

Unreal speedster, good hockey sense, good vision, good playmaker, needs to get bigger, pretty gritty player, not afraid to get involved in basically any area, very strong defensively.


I’m in the boat that Tavares will leave this offseason. So I think Veleno can eventually be their number two centre behind Barzal and if Tavares stays he’d make a great #3 centre.

12) With the twelfth overall pick the New York Islanders select Joel Farabee.

Great skater, good stick handler, good speed with or without the puck, good vision, unreal playmaker, a little small, shot doesn’t have much umph behind it, good defensively.


Good winger to add to this growing offense.

13) With the thirteenth overall pick the Dallas Stars select Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

Not the fastest skater, good balance, loves the front of the net, he’s a big guy and uses his body well, very strong defensively, good all around player.


Stars need a player that will come up and play both sides of the puck and this guy checks that box.

14) With the fourteenth overall pick the Philadelphia Flyers select Vitali Kravtsov.

Great skater, good vision, unreal stick handling skills, good playmaker, doesn’t depend on his teammates much which can turn into a liability.


Flyers need another sniper in that prospect pool

15) With the fifteenth overall pick the Florida Panthers select Bode Wilde.

Big thick guy, good skater with excellent vision, hard shot, great stride for his size, quick releases on all of his shots, can run the PP, tends to give up the puck some times, inconsistent defensively.


It was either between Wilde or Kupari for my guess on this one so I went for the D. Panthers love their forwards the last few drafts maybe it is time for a defenseman?

Hope everyone enjoyed the read and my projections. Please comment below. Tell me if I did good.

Thank you!!

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