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Nik Fattey addresses the media

Coaching change is a look to the future

On the eve of their return to the HarborCenter after two months on the road and handling international duties, the Buffalo Beauts announced a coaching change had taken place.

Ric Seiling and Craig Muni were relieved of their duties, replaced by HarborCenter Academy of Hockey coach Cody McCormick as interim head coach and general manager Nik Fattey as interim assistant. Key points were made by Fattey in is his press conference:

• Fattey thanked Seiling and Muni for their contributions and their work to establish the team.

• McCormick has worked with the team throughout the offseason and into the regular season. Players participated in skills-based practices which McCormick led.

  • The decision was based on the team’s performance. Management anticipated a better start and have not been happy with the results.
  • McCormick will miss the matchup against Connecticut with a prior engagement. Fattey will work the bench for the game.
  • While no decision has been made, and all options will be considered, Fattey indicated he is confident in McCormick and visualizes him as the coach in the future.
  • The timing was key; this is a big game for the standings, and the expectation is that Buffalo will host not only a playoff game, but the championship game - a first for the team.
  • McCormick, along with Fattey, intend to implement a more contemporary system, and indicated the players are excited to get started.