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Hockey Holiday Sing-a-Long

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Your favorite carols marry your favorite teams

NHL: Florida Panthers at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Eichel the Captain

Eichel the Captain
Was a fast playmaking soul
With a heck of a snipe and mitts sick and tight
He and his line scored lots of goals

Eichel the Captain
Made his passes crisp and clean
To his friends with the puck and a little bit of luck
They’d tuck it home and light the sireen

The tank has paid its dividends
As Jack Eichel leads the team
From the basement to a playoff spot
A turnaround we’ve never seen!

Eichel the Play Man
Was as Buffalo as can be
For he loved Bud Light and tandem bikes
Just the same as you and me.

So down to Canalside
With his curved stick in his hand
Skating here and there down the wall and square,
Saying catch me if you can.

Opponents tried to slow him down
But Eich dangled through them all
He potted the game winner and
He leapt into the wall! YEAH!

Eichel the Captain
Knew the Cup was destiny
He wouldn’t stop till at the final horn
He was hoisting Lord Stanley!

Thumpitty thump thump
Thumpitty thump thump
Look at Eichel go
Thumpitty thump thump
Thumpitty thump thump
What a nasty goal!

Skinner the Red Light Sniper

Now you know Gilbert and Miro and Alex Mogilny
Gere and Briere and Christopher Drury
But how about three cheers
For the best sniper we’ve had in years?!

Skinner the red light sniper
Is scoring lots and lots of goals
His stick is running so hot
You would even say it glows.

All of the other shooters
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Skinner
Join in any all-star games.

Then one balmy August eve
Botterill came to say
Skinner with your skills so bright?
Won’t you skate with Eich each night?!

Then how the Sabres loved him
The fans all shouted out with glee:
“Skinner please sign a contract
and help us win our first Stanley!”

Hark! The Posts and Crossbars Ring

Hark! the posts and crossbars ring!
Glory to the Queens and Kings
Szabados, Hutton and Hensley
And Ullmark are Buffalo tendies

Joyful all the fans will rise
Crushed opponents are surprised
Flashing leather to make the save
Five hole shown and tak’n away!


The defense is hemmed in our zone
The pass to the front - they’re all alone
A sprawling save sends it to the boards
Announcer calls out “OH MY LORD!”

Winger drops and gets the clear
The fans are standing as they cheer
With loud voices they proclaim!
“That’s got to be the play of the game!”