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Starting to get some clarity on Berglund

We’re starting to get some clarity on the situation with Patrik Berglund

NHL: New York Rangers at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we got some unexpected news with the Buffalo Sabres announcing they’ve suspended indefinitely forward Patrik Berglund for failure to report. Roughly 24 hours later, we’re starting to get some clarity on what is happening.

The veteran Swede was acquired by the Sabres on July 1st as one of the pieces in exchange for Ryan O’Reilly. According to Elliot Friedman of Sportsnet, the relationship never got off on the right foot.

On Hockey Night in Canada’s ‘Saturday Headlines’ segment, Friedman, discussed the latest Berglund. He stated that he had a full no-trade clause that expired on June 30th and it switched to a modified no-trade clause. Berglund apparently did not get his updated list into the Blues in time and the trade was able to go through.

Friedman also talked about that all sides are looking for a solution and that voiding his contract is on the table.

When you add how things got started with the trade and the healthy scratches early in the season; it’s easy to see how there may be a fractured relationship.

The 30-year-old has three more years remaining on his contract after this season at a $3.85 million cap hit. If he is in breach of his contract, the Sabres have the ability to void the remainder of the deal without any ramifications on the salary cap.

We’ll see how this continues to develop over the next few weeks.

Update (12/17/18)

I’ve spent the last 24 hours doing some homework on the situation with Patrik Berglund and the Sabres after talking with a few connections around the league.

Here are some updates on the situation.

As we know this no-trade list thing is a big part of this but regardless of that Berglund showed up in Buffalo after the trade was made.

He fit in well initially and the other Swedes on the roster gravitated to him as a leader.

Hence, Jack Eichel’s “Swedish Godfather” comments in training camp.

After the scratching against the San Jose Sharks and another healthy scratch later in the season he started to become displeased about his diminishing role and overall usage.

The Sabres were aware of his frustrations, but were caught off guard by his decision to not show up for the flight to D.C. on Friday.

For now, all sides are working towards a solution how to move forward. As mentioned in the initial article above the option of terminating the contract is on the table. As well as the option for Berglund to return to the Sabres and continue playing.

Also, from what I’ve been able to gather any rumors on partying being an issue with Berglund appear to be untrue.

So, now we wait and see how this unfolds with Berglund, the Sabres, NHL, and NHLPA.