Seattle Question....

Would like to get all of your thoughts on the question below, simply because I wonder how it impacts what the Sabres do/don't do in the next year or two.

How does the impact of Seattle coming into the league (second expansion draft) for a team like Buffalo who is trying to get better but will be impeded in how we handle our young players? What does/can GMJB do to minimize a second expansion draft?

The Vegas expansion didn't impact us that much simply because we had nothing of any real value to offer. This one makes me a little more nervous. Do we send down/keep players in the AHL so that they are not exposed? Do we make a deal in some way to protect the few assets that we have? Finally, if we have to lose someone to Seattle, who would you rather see go?

Just some thoughts that I had. Don't want to lose any momentum that we're building.

It occurs to me that we're one of the teams that can lose or be impacted since we're finally getting out of the cellar and we have young talent. Seems a step backwards for us.

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