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2018 NHL Trade Deadline

Thoughts on the Sabres Trade Deadline Day

Some Staff Writers of Die By The Blade got together to share their thoughts on the Sabres trade deadline day

Take a Deep Breath

It wasn’t a great trade deadline for the Sabres, but the sky isn’t falling

BREAKING: Evander Kane Traded to the San Jose Sharks

Evander Kane has been traded to the San Jose Sharks for two draft picks and a prospect

NHL Trade Deadline 2018 - Trade Tracker

A list of all the moves already made in the NHL

A Closer Look at Danny O’Regan

The Buffalo Sabres acquired Danny O’Regan in the Evander Kane trade. Let’s take a closer look.

2018 NHL Trade Deadline: Open Thread

Trade deadline closes at 3pm, how active are the Sabres going to be?

Revisiting Trade Deadline Days of Years Past

Historically, what have the Sabres done on trade deadline day?

Preview: Deadline Eve Contest

Sabres and Bruins meet on deadline eve to wrap up the season series

Revisiting the 2015 Kane Acquisition, and Where Will he Land Next?

How does the Kane trade look today, and where could he land next?

Silly Season: What if the Sabres Wanted in on the Karlsson Sweeps?

It’s a long shot, but what would a trade look like if the Sabres wanted in on the Karlsson sweeps? Do they even have enough assets?

Past Trade Deadlines Fail To Inspire Confidence

Buffalo has not had recent success with Trade Deadline deals.

Setting Proper Expectations

The NHL trade deadline is an exciting time of the year, but fans may want to temper expectations for the Sabres

Sabres Trade Deadline: Who Could Go?

Three Sabres who could get moved - and a few who probably won’t

Trade Market Analysis: Evander Kane vs. Rick Nash

How does Nash measure up against Kane at the trade deadline?

Sabres-Flyers: Good Rivals, Better Trade Partners

Could the Flyers be a good trade partner for the Sabres at the deadline?

10 Trade Deadline Targets the Sabres Should Consider Acquiring

The Sabres don’t have to only trade off pieces come the NHL trade deadline, they could look to add as well