What I'd like to see before Oct 5th:

Fellow DBTB readers:

We're just over a week and two preseason games to opening night and this is what I'd like to see from our Sabres before the puck is dropped against Montreal. Please feel free to add your own list to the comments:

1) Stabilized lines: I want to see the top- pairings solid and consistent going into the final preseason game against NJ so that there really is a sense of a top 6. Byslma drove me absolutely crazy with his constant changes as if he couldn't really make up his mind what he wanted. Perhaps that was a reflection of his system, but it was maddening.

2) More consistent play from Antipin. I realize he is new and is adjusting to North American rinks and to a different culture. I'm not saying at all that he is a bust, but in seeing (small sample size, yes I know) his play so far I am less than impressed. I see him on the third line but really would love nothing better than seeing a different version of him in the regular season.

3) NO injury news....nothing, nada, zip, nil. Would rather just not hear of it. Would love to see a 100% healthy team going into Oct 5th.

4) A solid win over the Pens on Wed with the Sabres out shooting the Pens 31- 15.

5) Good and productive practices from the Amerks. A win over the Marlies would be very appreciated. I want to see GBOTS go to town and really start rebuilding? the minor league teams. Consistency and competitiveness from the Amerks would go a long way in making the Sabres more of a force.

6) More moves in building the scouting staff. It may be late in the process but adding to the staff couldn't hurt, could it?

What are the things you want to see from the Sabres prior to Oct 5th? My list is just off the top of my head but wanted to get the conversation rolling going into the season NEXT WEEK!! YESSSSS!

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