Hockey Writer's Ranking of Minor League Systems.... (be forewarned)

Good Sunday Evening Fellow DBTBers. Family all asleep and wanted to write to you of the HW (Brett Slawson's) assessment of each minor league system. Without going into great detail of each NHL team's minor league critique, I'd thought I'd give you some highlights and then add in my commentary. Be forewarned, it isn't a pretty assessment of the Sabres' farm system, while it slobbers love all over Toronto's.

31. San Jose Sharks - Top Prospects: Timo Meier, Noah Rod, Rourke Chartier

"The Sharks have been plagued by poor drafting in recent years - an issue which has placed them in dead last in this year's farm system ranking."

My comments: I have to agree with this assessment. The Sharks do not have much depth in the system. ESPN's ranking has them 30th out of 31st also. They seem to hobble along though as their parent club manages to be competitive regardless.

30. Pittsburgh Penguins - Top Prospects: Tristan Jarry, Daniel Sprong, Sebastian Dea

This club has an excuse for a depleted minor league system. Oh to have their problems! I do believe they have the managerial strength to restock eventually, however.

29. Chicago Blackhawks

28. Montreal Canadiens (Evidentually Toronto lapdogs don't like many things Montreal either).

27. Ottawa Senators (Nor do they like Ottawa either)

26. Anaheim Ducks

25. Washington Capitals

24. Los Angeles Kings

23. New York Rangers

22. Florida Panthers

21. Edmonton Oilers


"Although the Buffalo Sabres nabbed Casey Mittelstadt with their first round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, the team has slid down this year's ranking due to the somewhat stagnant development of their most notable prospects. While Nick Baptiste too a substantial step forward in 2016 - 2017, individuals as Hudson Fasching, Jason Kasdorf and Alex Nylander simply did not"

I simply hate that Slawson may? be correct in his assessment but I feel that ranking the Sabres as the 20th worse farm system is a bit of an over-reach. I know he loves all things Leafs, but couldn't he come up with at least a bit of an article that isn't totally biased towards the Leafs??

19. Minnesota Wild

18, Colorado Avalance

17. Nashville Predators

16. St. Louis Blues

15. New York Islanders

14. Vegas Golden Knights (Are you kidding me??)

13. Columbus Blue Jackets

12. Boston Bruins (???? No way higher than the Sabres)

11. Dallas Stars

10. Detroit Redwings - I thought they were totally depleted

HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!


I guess they do everything right in Toronto. They selected

"One major strength of Toronto's farm system is its depth at the wing position. All of Kasperi Kapanen, Jeremy Bracco, Kerby Rychel, Nikita Soshnikov, Yegot Korshkov, Dmyto Timashov, and Andreas Johnson skate on the wing and have terrific skills as well as potential. Unfortunately with an already deep NHL roster, exactly how the Leafs will manage their rich class of forward prospects remains to be seen.

Of no doubt, a complex situation, Toronto could be forced to entertain a number of trades if each of the young prospects mentioned above continues to progress as anticipated. However, dealing one or more of these talents could, in fact, be of benefit to the team as it would allow the Leafs to upgrade and address other areas of need."

In addition, governments from around the world seek the Maple Leaf's advice on all matters as they walk on water (my sentiments)

Anyway... I realize that his is one person's opinion of how the farm systems rank, however, I love an unbiased assessment of the clubs without all the pandering and garbage I read this morning. I almost hacked up a lung reading this trash.

Am I off base or just totally blinded by my feelings??

Feel free to chime in please!

The season is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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