DBTB Quiz: Buffalo Sabres' Top Scoring Defensemen

Phil Housley - Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hey fellow Sabres fans! It's been far too long, but hockey fever has taken hold, and I got the urge to create a new Sabres quiz. Our team is finally getting back on the ice, and excitement is in the air - a lot of which is due to our brand new coach Phil Housley, who also happens to be a Hall of Fame defenseman, and even played in Buffalo once upon a time, as some of you might have heard. HCPH was a prolific scorer during his heyday, and we're all hoping he can transfer a little of his knowledge of the game to our revamped defense and bring the excitement up a notch.

In honor of Phil the Thrill, this quiz is all about the top scoring defensemen in Sabres history. To make it a little interesting, you'll guess the top 30 in order, but I've included a hockey card image for each to help you try to identify each one. Only those whose primary position was defense are on the list, so no Lindy Ruff or other forwards who sometimes dabbled on the back end.

Give it a try if you think you're up to the challenge - good luck!

Sabres Top Scoring Defensemen by Hockey Card

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