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New Podcast: Beyond The Blade

DBTB will have a podcast this season!

After talking with the staff at Die By The Blade and feedback from some readers, we’ve decided to add a Buffalo Sabres podcast to the content now available on the site. Beyond The Blade will become the official podcast of Die By The Blade.

Beyond The Blade, the podcast was started a year and a half ago. It’s hosted by Bill Schake and myself. We record on a weekly basis and discuss the latest news and topics around the Sabres. You can follow the podcast account on Twitter @BTBHockey.

You’ll now be able to find every new episode right here on Die By The Blade. As well as on iTunes, Spreaker, Google Play and Stitcher. We hope you enjoy the new content stream this season.

Every new episode of the podcast will be accompanied by a post here on DBTB that we’ll pin somewhere to the top for your comments and additional discussion on the content of the pod.