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Sabres GM Botterill talks Eichel, Butcher

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Next week or so could be an interesting time for the team

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Step back from the ledge Buffalo Sabres fans, just because the Jack Eichel talks are still ongoing doesn’t mean that things are not going well.

Speaking to WROC’s Dan Fetes today, the General Manager Jason Botterill was very clear that both parties were still on the same page, that it’s taking some time to sort out the new Eichel deal because of some of the new deals that have gone down in the NHL and the player continues to prepare for the new season.

“Our discussions continue to be very positive. It’s obviously a bit of a new market this summer with some of the new contracts that have come out. But our discussions have been very positive.

“At the end of the day we certainly want to get Jack signed up for the maximum amount.. and of term possible, he has the same belief. All our discussions with him have been very positive about the contract.

“Just about his seasoning and his preparation in general. Whenever Phil (Housley) has reached out to him, he has been very excited about his own health and helping the team take the next step, and becoming a better leader for the team.

“The discussions have been very amicable on both sides. His agency and I have done quite a few deals in the past and we have that relationship there. We understand both side’s positions and continue to work from there towards an agreement.”

Botterill was also questioned about NCAA free agent Will Butcher, who was seen toting a Sabres bag through Denver Airport earlier this week. The GM laughed, commenting that nothing could be hidden in this social media era and that the Hobey Baker winner had not decided yet. Who doesn’t love some schwag though, lol.

Has NCAA defenseman Will Butcher chosen the Buffalo Sabres? Seen in Denver Airport yesterday with a Sabres kit bag!

Posted by Die by the Blade on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

“You cant hide anything these days, everything get’s out!

“Our situation is at the start of the summer we looked to improve our defensive core throughout the organization. With some of the moves that we made at the end of June and throughout July we felt we accomplished that. We’re still looking to add more depth in the organization.

“Will’s coming off an amazing year, winning the Hobey Baker, winning the NCAA Championship, we certainly have interest but there’s also interest throughout a lot of the League.

“It’s a scenario now where he’s going through a process and we’re excited that we’re at least part of the equation and we’ll see what happens over the next week or so.

“I feel we can present a pretty good situation with the resources that the Pegulas provide us within the organization. I think a coach like Phil Housley the way he wants to play the game, the way he played the game, can translate very well for a young defenseman like Will, and just look at Phil’s track record of developing defensemen in Nashville, we’re hoping to carry that over to Buffalo here too.

"We've got a few different sales pitches for Will."

With the summer winding down, it looks like we’re finally starting to see an influx of hockey news and some action, let’s hope it stays positive with the Sabres.