Changing the In-Game Environment: Organically Changing the KeyBank Center In-Game Culture

Buffalo Sabres fans - Dave Sandford/Getty Images

I'm sure by now you have seen two things if you've attended a home Sabres game recently:

- A very dead home environment and

- People talking in the stands about when games were a lot more entertaining to go to.

I'm currently moving back into the WNY region, and while I won't hold season tickets, I do think we at DBTB have an obligation to stop complaining about the environment, and to do something about it on our own. So going forward I'd like this message board to be the launching pad into a more focused discussion, but here are the general starting points:

1.) What is your ideal environment for FNC KeyBank Center?

2.) Should we consolidate efforts to a specific section, or for a more widespread arena movement?

3.) How do we not plagiarize the Predators Cell Block movement?

4.) What are some things that should be staples for the movement i.e. actions to take place during a song, chants, sayings, when goals are scored, when goals are scored against, etc.?

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