Who should be captain of the 2017-18 Buffalo Sabres?

Captain Jack? - Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Okay, my last post proclaiming our entry into the slow season may have been a bit premature what with it being prior to development camp and all, but I think now we're pretty much there, so I'll raise the question of who should be the Sabres next captain or if there even really needs to be a captain at all.

Should the captain be a twenty-year old budding superstar, a twenty-fiveish solid all-around player, or an older veteran who might be relegated to the 4th line or the bench in a year or two?

Or does a team even need a captain? Does a "C" make someone a leader or will leaders arise regardless of if they wear a letter on their chest?

I'm not sure—that's why I'm asking you guys—but I'm leaning toward not needing a "C", theoretically anyway. But if we have to have one I'd go with O’Reilly now and let Jack work on developing as a player and an adult over the next few years before earning his captaincy for the next 10 years after that.

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