A Simple Request from a Reader: DBTB Decency

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I realize that it has hit the offseason, so the traffic here will ebb and flow a bit until we get something that Sabres fans can grab onto like the draft, free agency. But I have to think that some of the decline is associated with the attitude that people have towards each other. It started happening towards the end of the season as we lost hope/had no real hockey talk going on, but it's getting frustrating to come back and see people get more and more blatantly disrespectful to each other. I am in no way innocent of this, but I've tried to get better about it since I realized how pointless it really is.

So my ask is pretty simple: just talk about hockey, and let's try to stop being dicks to each other. A little jab here and there is fine, but it gets to a point where we need to realize that this is a website, and insulting people behind this curtain is childish and not the point of the forum.

With that said, let's do something fun, like debate who won the Winnipeg trade!!!



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