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Evander Kane is either terrible at dropping hints or a master Twitter troll

Get out your emoji detective hat, Sabres fans.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Buffalo Sabres

For weeks, Evander Kane has been the subject of trade rumors thanks to a bounce-back season last year that saw him score 28 goals while, just as importantly, staying away from any off-ice issues. His name has been bandied about the league as a target for many teams in “win-now” mode that are looking for scoring help.

But today, Kane may have tipped the team’s hand with any trade deals thanks to his mastery of emojis. First, this teweet, sent at 2:01pm:

Eyeballs, be watching, look out, keep your eyes peeled. OH MAN HERE WE GO!

Then this, sent barely 20 minutes later:

An ear...listen, keep your ear to the ground, what are you hearing I DON’T KNOW EVANDER WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?

Add in the fact that Kane changed his Twitter bio to say he plays hockey “in the NHL” and removed the reference he previously had to “for the Buffalo Sabres” and we have either a not-very-subtle string of clues to follow, or a just a dude having way too much fun with a hyper-active media cycle.

Is Kane dropping hints, or just trolling on a summer afternoon? YOU DECIDE.

(FWIW multiple media members have said there is currently no deal in place. BUT STILL!)