Mix mash of thoughts: Ville Leino and "jail" time, and Robin Lehner's comfortability

So we're in between the season ending, hiring of a new GM, waiting on new staffing announcements, draft talk, and "household chores", so I thought I'd add some conversation pieces to brighten our Wednesday afternoon:

This just in:

1) Ville Leino didn't like his time in Buffalo. It appears that the budding fashion designer (Billebeino is the company's name) has created a hoodie with the title of "Jail" to describe his time in Buffalo. Here is the link to the hideous creation

I actually do not care for the creation. I think the design is poor, but it's just my opinion.

Here is what Mr Leino had to say: "One of my most personal works. I was playing my third year in Buffalo Sabres with long and big contract. Things weren't working with me and the team. I was getting a lot of pressure and heat and there was no way out of it. I felt trapped and down. All I could do was to get up every morning and go to work and try to make it work. This painting reflects those feeling that I was going through on that period of time."

Of course he doesn't mention his career year in Philly or that he signed a 6 year, $27 million contract in July 2011 and that he barely showed up most evenings. I understand that pressure is upon you when you are expected to compete after a big contract, but he should wear his "big boy" pants and just shut the hell up about it. The Sabres bought him out of his "jail sentence". He should be grateful. We'll be paying him $1.2 million a year for 2 more years. He should be sending them thank you cards. NO GOALs in 2013-3014 campaign. He deserves criticism.

2) Lehner has the backing of Botterill. At least on "paper" so to speak. As the new GM, what else is he supposed to say at this point in time? "I have no problem starting next season with him in goal. There are more pressing needs. I liked what I saw from him when he won the Calder Cup." mmmmmmm Does GMJB see goal tending as a "need"? I believe he thinks we're solid in goal, and heaven knows there are teams that have more need to shore up their goal tending for next season. Not to start the "Lehner" debate all over again, but I have to agree with GMJB. There are more pressing needs on this team right now.


Wondering who Botterill will be targeting at #8 (still got screwed by the lottery).

What he intends to do about Rochester

Who he intends to target as a HC.

Will Pegula now walk quietly for the next 3 years since he's hired GMs for the Bills and Sabres

Hoping he now communicates with Antipin now that Russia is out of the World Championships

Wanting Botterrill to connect with Petersen, although my gut tells me that the ND Goalie doesn't end up in Buffalo Blue/Gold any time soon (if ever)

Thoughts from the DBTB crowd?

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