DBTB Quiz: Find That Buffalo Sabre!

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Hi everyone! I haven't posted any DBTB quizzes in quite a while, for a variety of reasons: New job, complete house remodel (kitchen cabinets, and every floor, counter, sink, and toilet in the house), and the feeling of hockey ennui I was sensing as our team's season once again came to a disappointing end. I didn't feel like there was a lot of activity or interest in these diversions, so I pumped the brakes a bit. But I decided the time has come to at least get something new out there for the trivia fans to partake in, and I created a picture quiz for your enjoyment.

This will be a quick quiz to take, and should be fun - you'll be given names of former Sabres and be asked to find their picture from amongst the 20 options. Full disclosure, this was initially planned to be a much different quiz, where I was going to have you identify the Sabres players from a list of four names with the same last initial, but alas, the quiz site doesn't allow the option for a slideshow and multiple choice together. Then I tried to put the four options in the hints, but that wouldn't have marked the answers wrong for any incorrect guesses, so you would have been able to just type the names until the correct one worked - a 100% quiz for all, but no challenge. In the end, I painstakingly created a grid out of my Sabres pictures within Excel, resized and bordered everything to look presentable, then printed as a pdf, copied the data out to a Word doc, then saved the data out of Word as a jpeg that I could use to design a picture click quiz. All in the name of a Sabres trivia quiz that should take a minute or two to complete.

Hope you enjoy - please leave your feedback in the comments and if you're a fan of these, let me know. I'll try to keep some more of these coming over the long summer.

Find that Buffalo Sabre

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