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Kyle Okposo released from hospital

Okposo health has been “improving” and today he was released from Buffalo General.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The mysterious injury that put Kyle Okposo in the Neurological ICU at Buffalo General Hospital has had his teammates and fans worried for Okposo’s health. Today, everyone got some good news: Okposo was released from the hospital, and reports are that his condition is improving.

First reported by Tom Martin of WIVB News 4 and the Associated Press, Okposo’s relief comes as welcome news to his teammates. His condition had been described as “a cloud” hanging over the team as they practice yesterday.

Here’s what Sabres coach Dan Bylsma had to say after practice:

“It’s a difficult situation. It’s a difficult time for Kyle and his family and one where we want to do everything we can to be with him and help him through the time that he’s in right now and it’s something we’re all playing with right now.”

As of right now, there is still no update on what exactly sent Okposo to the hospital, but it’s obviously good news to see that he was released. Both he and Marcus Foligno (knee injury) will miss the team’s final two games. Let’s just hope this isn’t something that will continue to affect Okposo down the road.