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Recap: The Sabres are bad and you should feel bad

Stop reading now.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s Sabres game was bad.

It was really, really bad.

Do yourself a favor and stop reading now, and also log out of twitter dot com.

No, seriously, why are you still here?

Sigh. You’re gonna really make me do this, huh?

OK. Fine.

The Buffalo Sabres were throttled tonight by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the 4-2 final score was far closer than the game ever seemed to be.

The Sabres had a nuclear meltdown early in the first period, giving up three goals in just 43 seconds to Leo Komarov, Auston Matthews, and James van Riemsdyk, which saw Robin Lehner get pulled after making just two saves and allowing three goals.

Lehner was flat awful tonight, and spent the rest of the first period in the locker room. He would return to the bench in the second, but he can’t be happy with tonight’s performance. Believe me, Robin, neither are we.

The Sabres would finish the first period down 3-0 and getting outshot 18-2. The rest of the game would fare slightly better, but the Sabres still finished the game being outshot by an awful 45-22 margin.

But hey! Ryan O’Reilly scored a shorty in the second, and Jack Eichel would add a breakaway goal with one minute to go in the game, so it wasn’t all bad. Just 99% bad.

Three more games to go.

Three Questions

1. How will Alex Nylander look in his NHL debut?

Pretty OK! Nylander didn’t register on the scoresheet, but with the way the rest of the team played, not registering as a negative is actually a huge positive. He had some noticeable plays in the offensive zone with his quickness and puck control, and that’s a good start.

2. Who’s power play will be #1 in the NHL after tonight?

The Leafs scored once on the power play, but the Sabres power play didn’t get more than one chance tonight in a classic “Toronto can do no wrong” game from the stripes. For real, though, it’s OK to call a penalty on the Leafs every now and then, fellas. Shanny doesn’t work for the league anymore.

3. Will the Sabres continue their home dominance of Toronto?


Comment of the Game

Morning all...

Tuning in…

…and tuning out!!

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