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Poll: Do you approve of the Murray and Bylsma firings?

The Sabres once again are searching for a new identity

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We’ve had a few hours to digest the news. Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma are no longer with the Buffalo Sabres organization. The search for a new general manager and head coach has already begun, and you can check out some of the options in our story here.

Before we look to the future, we have to figure out how we feel right now. The Bylsma move was somewhat expected, but still controversial, while the Murray decision seems out of left field. Murray had just three years to try and turn around the organization, while Bylsma got just two behind the bench.

Although the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs under either of their watches, the team showed signs of moving in the right direction. Buffalo also had to deal with multiple impactful injuries, including losing Jack Eichel at the start of the year. Tim Murray brought in multiple big name players and had a straight-shooting attitude that made him a popular figure around the city.

So we ask, do you approve of Terry Pegula gutting the team’s leadership again so quickly into both of their tenures? Let us know why you voted a certain way in the comment section below.


Do you approve of the Sabres’ decision to fire Tim Murray?

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  • 32%
    (616 votes)
  • 54%
    (1028 votes)
  • 13%
    (256 votes)
1900 votes total Vote Now


Do you approve of the Sabres’ decision to fire Dan Bylsma?

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  • 81%
    (1467 votes)
  • 8%
    (152 votes)
  • 9%
    (174 votes)
1793 votes total Vote Now