DBtB's 2017 Playoff Bracket Challenge

Sabres at the KeyBank Center - Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

For the 38th straight season, the Sabres will be missing playoff hockey. But instead of drowning your sorrows in Labatt Blue for coming in last place in the division for three times in four years, but your keenly honed hockey smarts to good use. Tired of all the talk of fancy stats? Is it easy to see how the entire Western Conference will play out? Then put your proverbial money where your mouth is and fill out a playoff bracket. I'd say it's easy, and it usually is. But NHL TV's technical difficulties have bled over to the Bracket Challenge, and the site has been spotty at best today. I was lucky to even get a league created. Hopefully they'll have this sorted out by Tuesday morning.

Click here first and sign in - NHL Bracket Challenge

Then click on this link - Die By The Blade's Playoff Bracket League

Password: fuoutlook

I would have picked "fuattitude", but that got flagged as an "inappropriate phrase." But the above is apparently kosher. Seriously, though. No claiming you're Nostradamus halfway through the playoffs unless you've filled out a bracket. No one will believe you at that point. We want to see all your predictions, in writing, by 7pm ET Wednesday. Because at that time the league will be locked and then you're out of luck.

And what happens if you win? Unlimited bragging rights for the next 12 months, that's what. What better way to prove your point than by constantly lording over your fellow commenters that they can't even predict which teams will get past the first round.

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