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Locker Clean Out: We Need More F-U Attitude

All the news that’s fit to print from the Sabres locker clean out day.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Jen Fuller/Getty Images

The Buffalo Sabres season is over, and the team gathered today to give their final remarks to the media and gather their things for summer vacation. Each player had their own take on the season, and here’s the news, thoughts and quotes that you need to hear.

We Need To Be Better

To start off, there were a number of cliched quotes about not being good enough, which, while being cliche, are also very true.

Kane: We need more “F-U attitude”

Eichel: “I haven’t scratched the surface of where I can be”

From the interview above, it’s also clear that he’s aware of this small detail:

Bylsma likely sticking around: “Moving forward”

A few other notes:

Reinhart said he has not been contacted about Worlds, and Lehner isn’t sure about playing due to his RFA status. Girgensons will play for Latvia.

After his relatively productive season this year, I wouldn’t mind the team bringing Gionta back, provided the price is right.

Get well soon, Kyle.

And that’s it! Give us your thoughts on the player’s final comments this season in the comments.